Deacon (Unfinished Heroes) (Volume 4)

ByKristen Ashley

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
cathy andrews
So love KA books and Deacon was even better than I thought it would be!!! Great story and loved that it was just about them and no other story of bad guys, of course at the end when we are left with the question of another story coming in the Unfinished Heroes series, Hope so!!!!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Oh my what a Bada$$ Deacon is and how sweet is Cassie, until her ornery and stubborn side comes out!! No doubt the passion is amazing, especially when Deacon comes out of Cassidy's closet with the velvet ropes he found. Does that get your imagination going? Another great one!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
amanda harbin
I am enthralled with Kristen Ashley's books. She is a wonderful writer who keeps getting better and better with each book. Kristen has the ability as a writer to make you laugh, cry, yell, and cheer. She is able to write her characters to be just witty and just sarcastic enough without being cruel. My only complaint would be that I wish this book was longer! I could have continued reading about these two characters for days.
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Kristen Ashley does. Every. Single. Time. She is the only author I can think of that i can re-read series within a year of reading them and still get pulled in. I LOVED Deacon. 100% on my list of favorite book boyfriends but now I can't wait to see if she can manage to make me love Nick because she did such a good job of making him a tool. I'm crossing my fingers for an amazing, badass match for him. It was worth the lost sleep. :)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
marcie james
I was not real happy with the last few books that came from KA. Seriously disappointed actually. I was wondering if KA was ever going to write another of her books that I read and just wanted to reread again because it was so good. She wrote one and this is it. Kudos, KA.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
jessica penner
I haven't loved her recent books as much as some older ones but this one is classic K.A.
Hot alpha guy, sassy gal! I mean she isn't India Savage but she can hold her own!
Of this series I found I liked it on par with Knight which is my other favorite of this series.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This was a new side of KA I haven't seen. I am surprised a tad. This is awesome. The warning is there fo. A reason, but it's not too much, and very well done. I will say that this boom didn't have heavy undertones that some of the others have had . I strongly recommend this for KA fans as well as kink lovers alike.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Another book of KA's the keeps me wanting more! I love all of the alpha males that she writes about, but Deacon comes under a whole new definition of Alpha! The book ends where all the unfinished hero books all link up, Knights brother, so at the end we all know that there is a lot more to come? Keep it up KA and as famously quoted, rock on!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This was a wonderful addition to the Unfinished Heroes series. I'm only sorry that it wasn't longer. Kristen's books always leave me wanting to read them again. There aren't many authors whose books I'll read over and over, but Kristen is one.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
harlan adler
Outstanding! A slow burn that definitely ignited into something magnificent. Deacon is officially a top 5 KA man. A truly tortured soul. Cassidy is definitely a new KA favorite heroine. Strong and feisty. The epilogue is nothing short of an fantastic KA ending. It has all the feels. Loved Deacon.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
nima parsi
Kristen Ashley just keeps putting out fantastic reads. You got the strong handsome alpha the over the top sex scenes and the beautiful love story you just can't ask for more. Would recommend this to anyone who likes a good steamy romance. Thanks again kristen Ashley as of course you know you Rock!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
phil a
Nobody writes a sexy, hot badass like Kristen Ashley. I've loved them all but Deacon was a special treat. Might need to go back and reread the beginning of the series again. There's a whole lot of great ideas contained in these books.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I pre-ordered this book and waited for what seemed like endless days for it to be released. I received delivery and literally inhaled it yesterday.

I loved the story and loved me some Deacon. I could completely relate to Cassidy as I am also a chatterbox and am quite argumentative. :) I did have to skim over some of the explicit scenes...because some of the subject matter just isn't for me but I don't mind doing that. I am more about the meat of the love story and the connections made and this one was so very powerful for me.

I am very torn as to who I love more now....Knight or Deacon.....I think I may re-read them both to see who wins. ;)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Kristen Ashley is as always warm and fun and tragic. Can't put her books down...and as I watched the percentage increase on my heart ached...cause I' was almost done...and I have to wait until she hits us with more AWESOMENESS in December.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
stephen fife adams
Kristen Ashley is my ALL TIME FAVORITE AUTHOR!!!
I have read every book she has published and loved them all! I have waited for Deacon for awhile... And once again fell in love with this character. He's such a flawed hero... So lost and lonely that only the strong, loving powerhouse that IS Cassie can save and "complete him". I loved it.
Thank you Kristen.... Whose story is next? I can't wait.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
I admit I struggled a bit with this book. But not because it was bad. It wasn't. I did enjoy the characters. How they interacted. How they grew closer and what that did to them. It was beautiful. The story of trust and what do you really need to know about someone to love them. Cassie was an amazing character and I loved following her. Deacon as well. BUT one issue I had with him was his very stunted speach. It felt so awkward to me and I didn't like it. Often I love a slow paced book, but this time I think I needed something more. Because nothing happened at all. It was all about these two persons and nothingelse. At another time I think I would have loved it, but the timing for me was off. Not the book's fault but still. So to conclude: A good read but not for me. I think I will stick with the Rock chicks, it's more my style.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
i LOVE KRISTEN ASHLEY!! Deacon, as all of the Unfinished Heroes books, is a bit darker. Deacon has the classic KA humor that is the chuckle and snort brand, not the LOL with tears and snot brand of the Rock Chicks. The sex is more adventurous, the love that develops between Deacon and Cassie is wonderful and the epilog is EPIC!! i love how KA wraps her stories up and gives you a peek into the future of the characters. I also love how characters from other series can have cameo's. I think this is her last Unfinished Heroes but I couldn't help but think "oh yeah what about Nick??" Dare I hope she goes there?? I guess I'll have to wait and see!! You won't be disappointed
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Anything Kristen Ashley writes is good. I've read all her books and haven't found one that I didn't like and this one is no exception. A must read. Can't wait for her next one to come out. I've read a few of her books more than once.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
KA has done it again! I am on such a book hangover from Deacon. Creed was in my #1 spot but Deacon knocked him out! I have started going back and rereading highlighted scenes. He was more then I expected him to be and worth the wait. I love when an author adds songs into her books. It makes that scene so much deeper for me. I can't wait for the next book!
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
jennifer filardo
moves a little slow for for some times it gives to much information you get lost in it all , and you definitely will not be disappointed in the chemistry between them but it moves a little slow for me
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
joyce dale
This is far and away my favorite book of this series...maybe even my fave KA book so far and that's saying something! I've read everyone one of her books several times over and the two I felt the deepest, referenced music. Stella n Mace's story and this one. I strongly urge you to pause in your reading and head to YouTube to listen to the songs AS soon as they are mentioned. It adds so much more depth of emotion to the story. Absolutely brilliant and beautiful. Deacon is far and away the most awesome anti-hero yet. I would be shocked if any KA fan walked away disappointed.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
What can I say? LOVE LOVE LOVE Deacon, Kristen Ashley does it again! You definitely rock KA, every book I have read of yours I have loved, Deacon definitely has a place in my heart. Thank you for granting us with your awesomeness writing abilities!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
No one does the manly alpha male quite like Kristen Ashley. And Deacon is no exception.
Deacon tries to stay away from Cassie, but after six years of trying, he no longer can. What happens next is a beautiful war
I highly recommend this smoking hot, panty melting book!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
DAMN. Kristen Ashley does dark well. This series has come with a warning at the beginning of every book that they are dark. They are serious. These are not simple stories. This one is definitely not. But KA has done it in a way that you will get the brightness when it's time.

John Priest has played in the other stories, but you never got to know him. You just know that when someone called they called him the Ghost. They never knew where he disappeared to. Cassidy does. She just didn't realize it. That she was his disappearing place. He watched from afar for a LONG time. Cassidy watched from close, from her cabins in the woods.

Finding their way to each other takes many years, but they do find their way. And it's like the multi-colored flowers Cassidy plants near the river & around her cabins. It's dark getting there... but every flower gets their sun in a different way.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
mary saige
I am so disappointed in this book. I have been on the look out for an other unfinished hero book because I bought and read all the others. I enjoyed Knight, Creed, and Raid so naturally I wanted to read this one but, the dialogue was so painful to read that at one point I got a headache from rolling my eyes. I mean who talks like that! and if they do what intelligent woman wants him. I will not buy anymore books in this series and sadly I can't recommend this one.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
leigh statham
Yet another fab KA story. Loved loved loved it. The build up is awesome, the BOOM parts are rightous and the ending is sweet as. And as ALWAYS the epilogue is even better... KA is the master of hot broody alpha males....
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I. LOVE. KA. No more needs to be said. She delivers when I need a guy that knows how to be a man. KA is a fantastic storyteller that can sweep me away when I don't want to be in the real world for a little while.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Ok, this is a Kristen Ashley-book. So yes the man's language is not that much or sensitive. That you have to know and that must be ok for you. In return you get a real amazing love story! There is no doubt that this man loves this woman and vice versa. It is better than Sweet Dreams, yes. Buy it, read it... You will love it!
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
I love KA books. I have 17 and have liked or loved all of them. Deacon is the first KA book I didn't like. KA has always had hot Alpha male hero's in her book and Deacon was a hot alpha male but he was just missing something. I cant put my finger on it but I found myself not caring one way or the other if the H and h ended up together, I just didn't feel the story.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
miriam martin
Read it. Loved it...Deacon and Cassie's story is perfect. No outside drama, just them fighting their own internal struggles to be together. Fantastic, romantic and another Kristen Ashley classic! <3
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
laurie seeber
KA has done it again. That was one great read and of course, steamy. I've spent most of 2014 reading KA's novels and this one really broke new boundaries in the bedroom. My only criticism was with the ending. I would have preferred to have some type of segway and/or introduction to our next "hero."
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
yara esquivel
I had such high hopes for this book but out of the unfinished series the only book I would have rated 5 was Knight. There was no plot and no in depth revelations from the hero regarding the heroine. I didn't get any of it - 7 years of no sex, all of the butt play (not a fan) and yes I know I was warned....but I like a good sex scene as much as anyone I just didn't enjoy these. Also there was no other character development at friends, no kids, nothing. I love Kristen - I have read every one of her books - this was not one I will read over and over.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
john otte
I was completely sucked in by Deacon and Cassidy's story so much that I lost quite a bit of sleep this weekend. I'm in awe of Kristen Ashley and how it is possible she continually churns out this much awesomeness with her books. Her books are always the ones I return to to pull me out of a bad mood or funk. Deacon has definitely made the line up.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
diep nguyen
Kristen Ashley outdid herself with this. I couldn't wait to read about Deacon. I have been wanting his story since he was first introduced in this series. Thank you Kristen, I loved it!! I couldn't put it down. This is one I will re-read as I have most all of your books. I didn't think you could write an unfinished hero I would love more than Knight and this one is close. Keep up the great work. I look forward to everything you write with great anticipation, you are by far my favorite author. Since Rock Chicks I didn't stop reading and re-reading everything!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
jennifer beever
The common thread amongst The Unfinished Heroes series is that the men, yes are still badasses, have dark tortured souls. Deacon was no different.

I think there could have been more to Deacon & Cassie's story...more could have happened between the time they meet & get together. Their bedroom scenes, by far the raciest of the other K.A. books that I've read. Some of them a little too graphic & "tmi" but thats just me.

I hope there will be another book to the series...I'd like to see where their stories go...
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Damn. Yes, these books are hard core and if you're not open to that, these aren't for you. However, these books have heart, lessons, heat, yearning, and a different story line than the normal romance. Romance is too pretty a word for these books, but that's what I'll call it. Deep, hot romance. Full of sexy and need. The writing has me rereading some sentences trying to make sure I have all that's written in my mind as I don't want to miss anything. These are about the feels. And damn, I feel it.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The best in the series. Deacon is one of KA's best to date. The main characters are awesome and there's no useless drama just to fill space. I love how all of her contemporary series cross over with character cameos.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
I love all Ashley books,but they are all pretty much the same.But I don't mind that.This book was a good love story but needed more mystery.All the other books have some scary parts,girl gets taken,boy goes all Alpha to get n her back.Not so much here.Like that all the other Heroes make an appearance.Will read next book,assuming there is which will involve Nick.More angst and adventure hopefully.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
sandra zaid
Just not good or that interesting. Turned off by him calling her "woman", come on now, really? I enjoy a good alpha man story, but this went beyond into He-Man. Not so much. I enjoyed some of her other books, but not this one. Could not even finish.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
jim hupe
Let me start by saying that I was VERY surprised with how much I liked this book. Considering the tone & how it was all executed, normally this type of story would not have worked for me. I would have needed more somehow. But I think what made it work, was simply because I truly loved the characters Deacon & Cassidy. I love how they played off of one another. How they clicked. Even when certain things about them, especially Deacon, were kept away from me in it's reveals for the majority of the book. The fact that the things going on around them, even though they weren't really heart stopping in it's intensity, it was still very interesting to watch unfold. It got my attention somehow, held my interest & kept me there. When questions were finally answered about the mystery that is Deacon I was very pleased with the reveals, but I was actually quite content after a little while, to just take whatever Deacon was giving to me.

The fact that Ms. Ashley blew me away with the erotic aspects of this story, concerning Deacon & Cassidy's physical as well as their emotional circumstances/happenings, didn't hurt this book one bit either. I mean MY GAWD! I was like...
*Eyes wide with hand over mouth saying* "Ooooooh" for majority of this book when it came to some of the things I witnessed here. Just wow.

Basically Deacon showed me a different aspect about myself. I walked away from this novel with this outlook of myself in living color.. (even though I've always known it's been there, Deacon forced me to admit it) *giggles*
*I'm a lady* "A perverted one, but still a lady"..

Now, for me, the reason why this one didn't get a full 5 stars was cos I didn't really like the flow of how the past characters came into play toward the end. How they were all presented to Cassidy and how they all introduced themselves etc.. It all felt rather forced & had me wondering this the whole time, "Outside of the men, did ALL of them really need to be there?"

Also I didn't like how the issue with Deacon & Cassidy when things came to a head with them, I felt like it was pointless & could have seriously been squashed & handled right then & there. That it didn't really need to be dragged out for as long as it was. Then how it was rectified, while hot, still didn't ring quite true to me either. Basically, if I were Cassidy, the last thing Deacon would have gotten from me in that moment, was some a**.

LASTLY, what made this Unfinished Hero novel even more great was that Hubby and I were reading it to each other. I loved some of the reactions & comments Hubby had concerning certain aspects of this book. Those of you who know my Hubby, you already know that they were mostly of the "Naughty" variety. So I was either blushing even more, or cracking up with some of things he said. But a friend of mine, here, wanted to know his take on this book so.. Here you go Shellie :D

-***"I've had the pleasure of reading 2 or 3 other books by this author, which I enjoyed. I have to say that this book was more than what I was expecting. It was hot. No doubt. It actually gave me some new things to think about with the wife here. =) but what I enjoyed the most was how the author remained true to form concerning the hero, even though most of this book is in the female's voice. I got Deacon. I understood him. Even before things of his past were revealed. With his actions and reactions, he was a solid, very focused, but dangerous guy.

I liked how he was portrayed when it came to his dealings with his woman. Whether these things were big or small, he always held her first. Even when he was trying to protect her from himself and his life in the very beginning of the story. I did not really need to see what he does when he was away from her, because all of this was made clear without having to be explicit in the details. So I enjoyed this too.

The things that bothered my wife about this book, doesn't bother me. So I give this one 5 stars. Based on this book and the others that I've read in the past, I would read this author again."

So as for me, I would recommend this read. I was quite pleased with this one. I can't wait for the final book in this series :)
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
linda garfinkel
I will read any book by Kristen Ashley because she has a gift. The ability to create characters that I can relate to and also because she revisits heroes/heroines from previous books. I didn't like Deacon as much as I LOVED Knight, Creed and Raid (or about 25 of her other heroes). That said, I still think K.A. is a phenomenal author and would rather read her worst book than anything from any other author. Looking forward to her next kickass book...
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
This enduring love story and of healing takes on a long journey, but done in the time slot of a novel and it was good. I love Cassie and her over talkative mouth, and that she is a strong character. Deacon is all male, but admittedly I had a giggle only because he sometimes reminded me of "Yoda" when he spoke in single sentences. (sorry, prob just me), but still I liked the dialogue throughout. Recommended reading.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
I have never written a review before but I feel the need to now......What happened to Kristen Ashley I fell in love with her books. I have read the Rock Chick series three times and I am sure I will read them again. I get so excited for her books to come out and now they just keep getting worse. I don't even think I will be able to make myself spend the few dollars on the next book. Deacon was so badly done I don't really know what to say I feel like there was no story. And I did not laugh once I loved that she made me laugh during a romance novel. Her books made me want to move to Colorado and find me a bad ass I loved them so much. And now I don't even want to waste my time reading them. Please find a way to come back!!!!!!
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
belinda tu
Started out in true KA fashion, BA hero being mysterious and hot. Then I'm just not sure what the heck happened. A lot of nothing is what it seemed like. No drama, no showing of his BA skills, but he had no problem calling him self a BA. The book is all about Cassie and Deacon falling in love and trusting but it wasn't what you come to expect from KA. I believe Deacon lost man points for his little stunt at the end. The intimate scenes in the book are HOT. I will give it that. But this isn't the writing I fell in love with from KA. Ever since she got published the books haven't been the same.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Great start....but after the teaser there wasn't much there. I really was looking forward to this one too. Loved RAID. But in the end, after the teaser, which was actually good and I can't get over the loss of that momentum, it was flat and felt more like a stale leftover. Even the "warning" that it was an erotic romance didn't actually live up to the promise. And if you haven't read the other books in the series, you won't even understand much of Deacon's current life other than he goes off for a few days or weeks and it isn't strictly on the up and up (his early experience is explained, but you never see anything that makes him "bad ass" or an "unfinished hero" and there was much made of him being "off the grid" in previous books but it wasn't really delved into in HIS book).

In the end I found myself thinking how many books do I have to see where "HONEY" is the favorite endearment (and this is what I focused on)? Deacon and Cassie were like pale copies of other alpha heroes and their women from other KA books. There was so much more to be said and the opportunity was missed (the book is also quite a bit shorter than others she has written in this series and her others).

Note and update: read this a second time and liked it a little better, but still there just really wasn't a whole lot of plot ...
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
lucy clark
Deacon really is a tortured soul but when he lets his guard down and decides she's his, he holds back nothing. He doesn't say much which struck me several times through the book but overall, I enjoyed it. The beginning took a while and as years passed, I was kind of wondering where we were going but KA pulled it out in the end :)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
dasnee mcchristian
I don't even know how many of her books I have now, but I can't get enough! I love the alpha males in all if them-each with their own brand of badass, and this one does not disappoint. Great story between Deacon and Cassie. I also like that she brings in the characters from her other books--Raid, Knight, even Wood and Max.l
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
lisa elizabeth
Kristen Ashley has done it again. I love this series. Knight has been my favorite out of all the men but I think I have a new favorite in Deacon. He is a take over and take control man and I like that Cassidy is a strong woman but knows when to let her man be " the man " in their relationship. I so ready for more from Ms. Ashley.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I am a huge Kristen Ashley fan. I find her books hard to beat. Toni Aleo is another. So if you are a fan of either of these authors you will not go wrong by reading this book. It definitely follows the "Unfinished Heroes Series" by being a little more hard core but it is no where near over the top.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
gisela peters
Five stars..five perfect..oh my gosh...I loved this book. Definitely in my top five Kristen stories. I love the Unfinished Hero series and this was beyond my expectations. Definitely a reread like so many of her stories have been for me.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
sarah menken
Ii's Kristen Ashley, but not as we know her...

I guess the first thing to mention is that this book has no "outside" plot. No serial killer, criminal conspiracy or mob-related shenanigans. What we have is the story of a relationship.

Secondly, this is a stripped-down version of Kristen Ashley. There's no distracting girl posse. Absolutely minimal descriptions of makeup and big hair. The only detailed description of an outfit comes when one of the Rock Chicks makes a (irritating) belated guest appearance.

It comes down to personal taste if these are criticisms or plaudits.

For me, it overall works. In Cassie, we essentially have a heroine who knows who she is and what she wants. Deacon is the one who changes his life to be with her - practically unheard of in the Ashley-verse.

The sex is plentiful and kinky (bondage and anal sex for those with triggers). But there's also a lot of simple affection between Cassie and Deacon. And interestingly, during the period from their meeting until the time they hook up, Cassie has sex - while Deacon is celibate.

Some reviewers have complained about the plot taking 6 years to unfold, but given Deacon's state of mind at the beginning, it makes sense to me.

I'll rate it as 3.75*. (Edited to bump up the rating slightly)

It doesn't get higher because I'm not sure of the re-readability factor and it doesn't have quite the visceral punch I get from some of KAs. Still, an interesting adaptation of style.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
linda oesterle
I love you, KA! Thank you for doing what you do and please keep doing it! I was so thankful this one was drama free, I needed a drama free book. The only thing that kinda pissed me off was Cassie forgave Deacon to quick.... make that mf'er beg!
Deacon: 5STARS!!!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
samar ali
I enjoyed this book, as I do all Kristen Ashley books! I was really surprised it finished on a cliffhanger. I hope the next book is about all of the unfinished heroes. I would also love to read another Rock Chick, DREAM MAN, and Colorado Mountain book!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This book gave me everything the other books in this series did. But, at the sane time it was different. With Deacon I really got to know the character. There is was less action, but still drama. I'm curious to know what happens next in this series.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
I don't think I'm alone when I say I had about given up on KA. The characters are basically carbon copies of each other, and so tedious to read after the 25th book of the same s***. The plots were always exactly the same, with a guaranteed kidnapping around the 85% Mark.
KA finally got herself a legit publisher and they are doing WONDERS for her. Deacon was a great example of a publisher enhancing on a writer's raw talent. For the first time in a long time I can say I thoroughly enjoyed a KA book and had no idea how it would end. Deacon was a beautiful read, my thanks go to the publisher!
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
This is the last Kristen Ashley book for me. I initially loved her writing but the last few have been ridiculous. Six years for these two to get together. Sheesh. Back to KA using the weirdest phrases and ways of communicating. I love you. He loves me. No I love you. Oh, he LOVES me. I give you that beauty...oh, he GIVES me that beauty. Sadly, I once again have lost IQ points reading this stuff. There were parts of the story where it could have gone a certain way and have been a great story. Unfortunately, everything that could have gone well went to crap. I should have just stopped reading when it took her over a year to dump the boyfriend who was verbally abusive and lazy to boot. Anyone that would take that crap for that long does not have a clue. Also, she was fine with knowing he was not who he said he was and would only give one name. Ah, yeah, no woman is ever going to be ok with that. Get real.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I am a huge KA fan but wasn't as excited with the last couple of books. Deacon was a book I'd been eagerly awaiting and I'm glad to say I wasn't disappointed. It felt like it had some of her old passion in it. Can't wait until the next book.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I love all of Kristen Ashley's books. I really liked the strong heroine and deviations she was able to pull off in the characters sex life while still giving us a consistent story of a flawed alpha male, with a happy ending.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
charity tahmaseb
Such a buildup in the epilogue to the HEA and it never came. Seemed like chaos of all previous women. Spoiler: Anya two daughters, Sylvie's Jesse (what about her other children) and what happened to Hanna baby?
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
art king
I'm sorry to agree with only a few of the other reviewers (and I am surprised at the smaller proportion) - this was really not up to scratch for Kristen Ashley. Yes, I read it all the way through and quickly, but largely this was because I kept thinking something more was going to happen to make it more...well, interesting, like her other standout books.
I would read it, but just with very low expectations. The level of emotional connection, and engagement between the leads that she usually uses to continue building the emotional connection was just absent, as was a really good story line. I ended up not feeling connected to or invested in the leads, and dissatisfied upon finishing the book, "Is this really it?!". I think I even grew bored with the love scenes, which I didn't think was possible with Ashley's books. Having just finished the second of the Chaos series, I am looking forward to her building on those story lines more and hopefully with the same quality achieved with Hop and Lainie's story (NOT Shy and Tabbie's, as that was also boring). I'm keeping my fingers crossed - I really don't want to lose a good author now that I've found her, and hope that a couple of her poorer recent efforts are only just anomalies.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
millie anne
I love Kristen Ashley, her alpha males and the heroines that save them and bring them into the real world are beautiful. Deacon was different in that it took a while to finally get him and Cassie together but no less wonderful. Loved the Unfinished Hero series and highly recommend this series for everyone.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
linda kauffman
I was disappointed by this book. The beginning was great, but then it lost it's mojo. I thought KA's reason for Deacon being so damaged was a little undramatic. I also enjoy dirty talk in my books, but while this book has plenty it was often repetitive. I am still a KA fan, but I am ready for some more Fantasyland books.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Kristen Ashley could write a menu and I would read it, so needless to say I was thrilled to read Deacon. This series is tied with the Dream Man series as my favorite. It was a bit different than the previous books in that the first 70% of the story was pretty slow not a whole lot going on. The sex was hot and the remaining 30% was good. So not my favorite KA story and usually I adore the alpha but I found Cassie more interesting.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
al matthews
Love Kristen Ashley and her brand of writing. Her characters are super and her leading men are totally awesome. Hope she writes another of the Unfinished Heroes Series. Would love to continue to hear about all the characters in this series. Really loved this series and would recommend it to anyone who loves a great romance.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
chris burd
This book gets 3, 3 1/2 stars because it was ok. Deacon and Cassie meet, but they don't get together until years later, then everything is hunky dory until a little bit of conflict towards the end, due to Deacon's secretiveness about his past. The best part to me was the little bit of kinkiness in the sex near the end of the story, something atypical in Kristen Ashley's stories. Other than that it was fine- not as good as some of her other books, but not as bad as The Promise. It was cool...
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
joe rubel
I am so excited to be writing a five star review for a Kristen Ashley book, to be honest I didn't connect with her last four releases, and it left me feeling odd, as if I were book impotent, or that I had to watch out for a Cantu sister cutting my brake lines. In her latest release, Deacon, Ms. Ashley brings her A-game, and I love the end result. I suspected that Ashley was writing outside her comfort box when I read the disclaimer warning readers that the book was dealing with a dark romance, erotic scenes, anal sex, bondage, and ..........wait did I just read "anal sex" ....... in a K.A. book......SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

Also another indicator that this book was going to be different is that the heroine, Cassie, is 5'5", that's petite in a K.A. book where nearly every female role is 5'7"-5'11". It isn't just Cassie's stature that causes her to stand out from the other K.A. female characters; Cassie is in charge and attempting to live her dream. Cassie doesn't need to be saved or rescued from a situation or a man, she is independent, capable, down-to-Earth, and I connect with her character. She doesn't lose herself in a man, and she doesn't lose her feminine qualities while being independent, she's as tough as nails when she needs to be, and she isn't scared of being alone. God, I can't tell you how much I love her character.

Deacon rolls in, and he isn't the typical alpha-male that I'm used to seeing in a K.A. book, he's dark, mysterious, and foreboding. He doesn't step in and immediately take over Cassie's life; in fact, it takes years before they are comfortable with each other. Deacon is enigmatic, he rolls into town every few months, and the reader knows that he has shadowy secrets, but just how dark is the question. Cassie knows that on some level that this isn't going to work out, yet she enters a relationship cautiously, and I have to give her credit that she prepares from the beginning that he is going to leave. I love Deacon, he's able to recognize Cassie's strengths and independence, and he compromises....COMPROMISES....he doesn't go all alpha-male and control every situation. Let me just say when his secret is exposed, I felt his pain to my bones. His past is brutal, K.A. doesn't spare any details in giving the reader an insight to Deacon's pain and what causes him to die inside and become this tortured soul.

The sex, Holy Mother of Fornication, was so explicit, and hotter than any other Ashley's book. I don't know what brought this out in K.A., maybe she got a subscription to HBO After Dark or Cinemax, but holy hell. There was bondage, anal sex, butt plugs, but it wasn't just used on the female; yeah, you read that right, Cassie had her some fun too. It isn't that I can't find these scenes in other erotic books, but I was unprepared to read it in Deacon, and K.A. wrote it passionately and tastefully. I loved it!

I adore Cassie's best friend, Milagros. Milagros was always looking out for Cassie, and she wasn't swayed by Deacon's good looks, and she aired her suspicions with Cassie. This is the kind of best friend that every gal wants in her corner.

Deacon is at the top of my favorite 2014 reads. I embraced everything about this book, and I loved that Ashley allowed one of my favorite Rock Chicks' couple make an appearance. I read this on a Kindle, and if the scene at 93% doesn't move you, then you are a serial killer who likes to kick around puppies as a pastime.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
h ctor
I have enjoyed this series but hate that it takes so long for the next book to come out. I usually have to go back to the previous book and read some of it so I can remember what they were about in order to read the most recent book. This book is a cliffhanger and that does not Impress me. Also, the books could use much better pictures on the front covers as I almost didn't buy the first one based on the cover. I usually enjoy KA books but was dismayed that I have to wait to find out what happens until the next book comes out. :(
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
matthew lane
I wish the description of this book had included the author's warning (found at the beginning of the book) that it included bondage and anal sex, among other things. Wouldn't have purchased if it did. I don't enjoy reading about these scenarios. Not a prude and this isn't a judgment call. If that's your thing, great. If I could rate it 0 stars, I would. Feel like it was a waste of money for me and have deleted from my kindle.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Not only is this how far I got into this book before returning it, it happens to be the grade I'd assign it: a high D. I love Kristen Ashley, but her latest stuff has fallen so flat. I think it's been ages since I've even been able to finish one, before going back and rereading Mystery Man or Games of the Heart or Breathe... you know, back when she wrote with PLOT.

Deacon was highly anticipated as the latest in The Unfinished Heroes series, but it read more like an extension of the Colorado Mountain series, due to setting and character references. I did enjoy both, however. Deacon was sweet and supposedly badass, though we never saw it. Cassie was quirky and dorky in that vague KA way, because we'll all relate. She had a solid foundation as a hard worker with a dream. It could've gone somewhere. Then it didn't. It never took off and from other reviews I've read, it never does. There are no shoot-em-ups or special-ops-saves-girl twists. There are just lengthy speeches of love... though not as many, because this book was shorter than her others.

I give it two stars, because it had potential, but it seems that's every KA book of late. The entire Chaos series, Jagged, The Will (insufferable dialogue), and Raid. They all left me waiting and wanting and I wasn't able to finish a single one.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
louise manimtim
I had my KA grin on when I started reading. It's what happens when I haven't read a KA in awhile. You just can't help but smile!
This is classic KA awesome. With a bit of a twist.
There's not much action, but it didn't bother me at all.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
oral anli
I like cassie.
she's funny, total good and super sweet.
but she is not afraid to tell it to you how it is, honey.

it wasn't as action packed as all other books of this series, so if you were expecting bad ass gun fights and race against time because your woman is in danger... then you're looking at the wrong place.
but all that deacon went through,I think he deserves some peace and quiet at his favorite cabin rental place... with really hot kinky sex, but that is neither here nor there.
it was a fast read for me, took me about a good three hours, but I was so excited to see it on my kindle carousel!
devoured it, good job Mrs. Ashley.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
tiara gainey
Have you ever read a book that when you're done reading it you couldn't stop smiling? A book that filled your heart with so much glee that it melted it completely? A book so amazing that you just couldn't stop thinking about it? A book so marvelous that you just wanted to re-read it again and again to experience everything just one more time? Well, Deacon was exactly that kind book for me!! A book that not only gave me one of the most beautiful, passionate, gripping, and unique heartfelt love stories I've ever read but a book that gave me a story that I'll never forget and forever love.

“Are you gonna let me make you happy?”

This is a story about healing love and mending a dark-broken heart. Because when there's just darkness around, only the light of woman's true love can bring back hope and and life into a man's broken heart. This is Deacon and Cassidy's story. . .

Deacon is an enigma and a total mass of intensity from the beginning of this story. He's emotionless, cold, and so unattached to anything and everything. He's present, alert, and breathing but not living and that's been his life for many years. But one time he goes back to some cabins in Colorado Mountains and meets the new owner, a sweet young lady that stirs something in him.

Cassidy Swallow feels him the instant they meet eyes. She feels everything that is him and even though he scares the hell out of her, she feels such a strong pull towards him that she just can't understand.

“His eyes focused on me in that intense way would make me a babbling idiot in fear for the safety of my…something.”

Things still don't change between them after that first meeting though. Deacon keeps coming back to the cabins but leaves every time again. That was something Cassidy got used to and could expect since he did it for six years but with every visit she longed for him and always wondered, what if?

“He always took off.
He came.
He left.
And we never changed.”

But then something happens that breaks all emotions loose. A moment where Deacon and Cassidy can't deny anymore the huge pull they've been feeling for each other for so long so they take the a risk. A risk that brings Cassidy immense passion, hope, and so much more including a lot of uncertainty when it comes to Deacon and his dark world. . .

“The danger he might bring did not scare me.
The idea of losing him, though…
I had no idea why, but that petrified me.”

Omg, the anticipation in this book was exhilarating!! I had no idea how or when things were going to unfold and so when they did it was all unexpected and brilliant. Then the story got even more emotionally intense for me as Cassidy and Deacon's connection became more consuming and scorchingly hot. I adored that connection they shared because it was built around beautiful and selfless trust and I could feel it all in my heart.

“You have to take a leap of faith with this, believe in what you felt when you made your choice, that bein’ believin’ in me.”

Deacon, oh Deacon... This man killed me slowly with every chapter! His intensity and his badass personality were absolutely irresistible. He's definitely no prince charming, he's an badass all the way. When he talks he's direct, sometimes rude but always honest and to the point. Every time he spoke he made it sound both badass and profound all at the same time making his character so unique and so KA's which I loved so much. But with his toughness came also the sweetness only Deacon could bring. A sweetness that melted both mine and Cassidy's hearts because his words were raw with meaning and so very touching. It's Cassidy that slowly peels some of the cold exterior away and brings out that sweetness out of him which in return takes her closer and closer to the truth behind his broken story.

“I allowed myself to feel the fullness of that sweetness, that affection, that beauty he was giving to me because I knew down to my bones he didn’t give it elsewhere. I knew down to my bones he didn’t have it in him to give it unless it meant something.”

I loved Cassidy! I don't know how KA does it but in addition of creating incredible alpha heroes she also creates the most perfect heroines for them. Cassidy was exactly that, the perfect lady for Deacon in every way. She brought light into his world, she made him want to live again, and the way she did it was by just being herself and believing in him. This goes back to their beautiful connection and how perfectly they understood each other. Not many words were needed and trust was all that mattered between them and that was truly mesmerizing to me.

“F***, my Cassie.”
“That’s me. Your Cassie. And you’re my Deacon.”

This book was yet another masterpiece by Kristen Ashley. One that I loved so so much because it was beyond outstanding in every way for me. Again, the anticipation and ambiguity here gave me chills and kept me hooked from the first chapter so I could not put this book down. Then the passion throughout the whole book was delicious and impeccable. I'm a big fan of sex in my romance books but with beautiful emotions and true meaning and this book gave me that and so much more. Finally, the story overall was just endearing and touching to the heart, and it made me crazy in love with the characters and the way they fall for each other. It was just a precious and unforgettable love story for me and one of my very favorite ones now.♥

“Love is trust, Cassie, you taught me that.”

Of course, a total must, must, must read from me! Deacon can totally be read as a standalone just be aware that characters are a little interconnected in this series. Furthermore, characters from other KA's series are also a little bit interconnected here too but nothing that will give you major spoilers so no worries. If you're a big KA fan like me I totally encourage to read this book asap, you'll totally love it! If you're new to this wonder woman of a writer, then I also encourage you to give Deacon a chance and then look for more of KA's books because they're like potato chips ladies, you can't never have only one as you become addictive! ;)
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
luke manning
Have to say I was disappointed in this one. KA took so long to get them where they needed to be and then the rest of the book felt rushed. She skipped over and rushed to many parts. And if this really is the end of the series it ended so abruptly not her usual style. Loved the characters but I feel like there should have been more.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
chris eboch
Really, I am disappointed in this story I was looking forward to and preordered. LOTS of gratuitous sex and lots of time gone by, only to have a cliffhanger for the next book. So disappointed to have no ending to the couple's story.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
luke leehy
I will be honest, and I'm not trying to be mean, but this was just a re-tread of different characters from previous books, just with new names. This book is unnecessarily long. The repetitiveness about drove me crazy. He would say something and she would repeat it in her head. Not just once, but more than once. This is common to several other KA books I've read.

The author is great at giving minute detail, so it's easy to picture the places and clothing, but it's okay to leave some things to the imagination. I didn't need to know there were pearl buttons on a shirt. It was just unnecessary to any plot line.

Ugh. This may be my last KA book.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
I don't know what the deal is. Are we just trying to push these books out every 3 months for the money? Where 's the quality, KA? Where are the characters that we can come back to and read books 2 and 3 times? And what the heck is going on with the ridiculously contrived dialogue?
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
I've waited for this book. I just knew this was going to be something special. The sneak peek chapters were so compelling. The disappointment is huge. Years had passed in those chapters. There was so much more to write. I love steamy sex. But this book seemed to be 70% sex. The story was secondary. Wait, after the sneak preview chapters, there really wasn't a story. Just kink type sex. I really wanted to meet Deacon and Cassidy. I will miss the opportunity. Sorry Kristin. I've bought all of your books. I've re-read most many times. I want to forget this one.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
sheila irons
>Book review – Deacon
>I am an independent reviewer. This book is the 4th in the Unfinished Hero series and ends in a HEA. Ghost is a bounty hunter for the bad guys. He has appeared as ruthless, cold and unfeeling in previous books. His dead wife caused him to become dead inside. This story rushes through about 6 years of Ghost taking his down time in an out of the way cabin in Colorado. These cabins had been recently purchased by Cassidy. Cassidy is a breath of fresh air for Ghost, but he stays away from her. His interactions with Cassidy are so poignant. He barely talks, but those scenes really showcase how closed off Deacon/Ghost is.
>Of course, Deacon and Cassidy get together and the change in Deacon is amazing. Cassidy is amazing in her pursuit of him and her dream. She is funny and quirky, with awesome chemistry with Deacon. She discovers a hidden side to her that Deacon nurtures. Deacon is the sexiest alpha protector ever. He is also sweet to children and animals becoming the perfect alpha male.
>Deacon’s backstory is horrific and heartbreaking, but explains his personality. I love how Deacon will do anything for Cassidy and Cassidy never takes advantage. This book is appropriate for an adult audience. I am giving this book 5 stars. This story is by far the best in the series.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
tao flo
Deacon by Kristen Ashley
We all know Deacon has a bad history which is why he is a cold man until he meets his one. Cassidy only wanted her cabins to thrive and a man she can't have. I liked that it took months for them to form a relationship besides saying hello when he checks into his cabin. I thought it was sweet when she spent a holiday with him even though he wasn't into it she helped crack his shell just a little. When Deacon finally made his move he knew she was it but it was hard for him with him being away so much and Cassidy didn't know much about him. Seeing Deacon in the other series you saw a soulless man but upon meeting Cassidy she was his weakness. I loved Deacon what he went through and finding love real love broke my heart for him. ( also in the bedroom towards the end just a little made my eyes pop because he made himself vulnerable to show her he loves her) Its a long story of finding love after loss, this story actually made me tear. I love it
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
elizabeth thorpe
“Not easy, fightin’ your pull. Wantin’ to be right here. Knowin’ I was no good for you. Prayin’ you’d get a man so when I’d come back I’d have a reason to stay away.”

Some fires don’t ignite at first contact, it might take some time and patience to get that first spark and see it turn into a bright flame, but once it starts burning, you feel its heat all the way down to your bones, seeping in, infusing you with its warmth, and making you wish it’d never lose its glow. That is the way I see the story of Cassidy and Deacon. A slow burning romance igniting over almost a decade in time, this is a love story that is not designed to set your pulse racing, or make you feel like your heart has gone through a spin cycle. This is a story to warm your heart, soothe it, give it hope, and it stands to show that the old saying “out of sight, out of mind” is not always correct.

“… cabin eleven was home to me for a few days every year, the only home I had, ‘cause you were there.”

We meet Cassidy in her early twenties—a young woman fresh out of college whose dream of living a quiet life and running a small group of cabins for hire in the midst of the Colorado wilderness has taken her away from her family in Oklahoma and made her invest all of herself into making her vision a reality. The cabins are run down, her live-in boyfriend is no help at all and a constant financial liability, her daily life revolves entirely around fixing the cabins up, improving them, caring for them and her patrons, leaving little time to do much else, and yet Cassidy never loses motivation. Her little business remains a constant source of pride and fulfilment because in the middle of “rock, pine, aspen, columbine, fireweed, wild iris, and glacier lily” is exactly where she has dreamed of living ever since her parents took her there on a skiing trip when she was thirteen years old.

“I had a near-overwhelming urge to go to him and wrap my arms around him. Tight. And maybe never let go. For eternity.”

Shortly after buying the cabins, she meets John Priest, her first visitor—a man whose emotionless face and rugged looks scare her at first, but also seem to draw her inexplicably to him. Five months pass before she sees him again, and when he returns, Cassidy is single and living alone in the middle of the Colorado mountains, her heart a little bit more lonely than the last time they saw each other, but her dream still driving her forward and her business slowly thriving as a result. And so for the next four years they maintain a routine—John Priest always showing up unannounced, always renting the same cabin, and his sporadic visits never lasting more than a few days—but as much as Cassidy tries to get closer to him, to break though the ice with small acts of kindness and friendliness, he remains an impenetrable, unmovable mystery.

“We don’t change. You’re a good woman, Cassidy. But we don’t change.”

Until one night changes everything. Changes them both. And Cassidy finally meets Deacon, the man behind the ghost that is John Priest. They do not get to know one another by probing each other with endless questions, instead allowing their bodies and their hearts to lead the way. Cassidy still knows very little about the man now sharing her bed every night, or how long he would eventually stick around, but her every instinct tells her to trust him with her heart. To risk it all even for a fleeting chance of being happy in his arms.

“I knew down to my bones I couldn’t bear a life of longing for him, wondering how it could have been if he gave me what he was offering me right now at that moment. The chance to get in.”

And this is where this story becomes quite a departure from any previous Kristen Ashley romances. The slow pace, coupled with a very unique balance between the main characters, is what makes this story so realistic and relatable on so many levels. The physical aspect of their relationship is what moves the entire relationship forward, deepening their intimacy, strengthening the trust between them. Deacon’s job still frequently takes him away for prolonged periods of time, testing that trust, but he always returns to Cassidy, and she always welcomes him back.

“In this bed, out of it. Naked or not. No boundaries. All in. Nothin’ held back.”

As Deacon slowly disengages himself from his old life, there are demons from his past that he cannot let go of, thus risking everything he has built with Cassidy. This is a story about trust as much as it is about love—a man learning to trust himself with a woman again, a man needing time to become ready to accept what is right in front of him, and a woman who gave him just that—time—guiding him out of his own darkness simply by loving him no matter what and trusting her own heart with him. Cassidy’s patience and persistence made her one of the strongest heroines I have ever had the pleasure of finding, the true measure of her character being her ability to forgive, to risk her own heart time after time because she recognized something rare in Deacon, and she held onto that dream until the very end. I greedily wished we could have delved even more into her pain at times, as those moments of sorrow would have added a further facet onto a truly magnificent female lead.

“… there would always be a part of me that would long for him. There would always be thoughts in the back of my mind plaguing me, haunting me, making me wonder, if he let me in, even just a little, how it could have been.”

It seems that Kristen Ashley can do no wrong in my eyes because I keep falling in love with her stories book after book, connecting with the characters heart and soul. I love stories that focus on less-than-perfect heroes, good men who have made mistakes in their lives, who do not trust or give their hearts easily, and I especially love when these stories also explore the connection between love and trust in a relationship, specifically relating to the sexual aspect of that relationship. I read this book in one sitting, and it felt like I took one breath and didn’t exhale until the very last page.

And I probably should have mentioned that the characters are into bondage… Can these stories get any better?!

“Love is trust, Cassie, you taught me that.”
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
3.5 "I wish the store had half-star ratings" stars...but I rounded up because this is the first book in this series that I actually liked.

Huge KA fan here. Huge!
And although this book had me smiling, there were other parts that had me rolling my eyes. I wouldn't say I loved Deacon (not like Tack, Ty and Tate) but I liked him. I didn't think he was as badass as others made him out to be (no matter how many times that word was used) but I loved how protective he was of Cassie. However, he got seriously downgraded with how he went about getting Cassie back. **Spoiler** A song? Seriously? No apology, no nothing but the name of a song and telling her to listen to it and get her to figure out what he's trying to say. Really? Major freaking fail! **End Spoiler**
For the most part, I liked Cassie. There were some things that didn't quite make sense to me about her - like why she would uproot her life to live in the middle of nowhere, and why she's okay with getting no apology. I have to say that the whole "oh-so-forgiving" heroines that KA writes about are really starting to grate on my nerves. I think it's great that there are women out there who can turn the other cheek, or be the better person and forgive and forget...but every single heroine? Is there not one who is more like other people I know (okay, me) who gets pissed and STAYS pissed until she personally feels like letting things go or has her man prove to her how much he wants her in his life? Forgiveness is awesome, but can I at least feel like the man has earned redemption? Deacon's gone for 6 months and he comes back with a song? GMAFB!
So although I did enjoy the first part of the story, it seemed to fizzle out for me and I wasn't too impressed with the resolution of their relationship dramas.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
toni simpson
Deacon is the 4th book in the Unfinished Heroes series. This series features heroes who are a bit darker and gritty. They have long hard roads to reach their heroine and their chance at an HEA. And Deacon may have the longest, hardest road yet. He is a “ghost”, living outside the grid and has given up. Only the strongest of women would even stand a chance at getting close to Deacon’s heart.

“Not easy, fightin’ your pull. Wantin’ to be right here. Knowin’ I was no good for you. Prayin’ you’d get a man so when I’d come back I’d have a reason to stay away.”

Cassidy is an amazing heroine and I fell in love with her from the very start! She knows her dreams and works hard to achieve them.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
esraa mokabel
I was excited to meet Deacon after reading Raid I knew that Deacon was a troubled man in a dark place. It was going to take a strong woman to pull him from his darkness and help him see the light again and without a doubt Cassidy was that woman.

I adored listening to this book from the very first word to the last. I was captivated by Deacon’s story, and I hated having to hit the pause button when life got in the way.

Deacon and Cassidy’ story was a moving and touching read. The story was well paced there wasn’t any major tense drama, and it wasn’t needed as it was more about the relationship between Deacon and Cassidy. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Deacon. He was the strong, dark, silent, and brooding type of man. I loved Cassidy she was a strong independent woman who took no s***. It was evident that Deacon and Cassidy had a deep and strong connection it was one that wasn't forced.

I loved the romance, the humor, the banter, the intense, and the heartbreaking times Deacon and Cassidy shared. Oh and let's not forget the steamy sex scenes just as expected they were hot hot hot!! Deacon like the rest of the Unfinished Hero’s’ know how to please a lady.

A snippet at the end with the return of Knight, Creed, Raid and Marcus made me very excited for the final book in the Unfinished Hero’s series Nick Sebring’s story. I’m not a fan of this character, but I have a feeling that by the end of his story KA in her flawless writing is I going to make me love him.

When I come to the end of a KA book, I always wish I had read it sooner and when it last book in the series the hardest part is what series to next. However having looked on KA website I’m moving on to the Colorado Mountain series starting with The Gamble. I realised at the end of Deacon I should have read before starting the Unfinished Hero series, but oh well not much I can do it now. I'm excited to meet Max and Nina.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Not only is this the best so far of the unfinished hero series, it's now my favourite Kristen Ashley read. Last night I thought, I'll just read a few pages see what it's like, I then found myself at 20% with no desire to put the book down. That's what this is, un-putdownable.

The setting was familiar, in the Colorado mountains but not a location widely featured in other series. Deacon, Deacon, John Priest (it'll make sense if you read it) was the best man that KA has written, hands down, and there are many. I thought Joker was it for me, but Deacon appealed in a silent way. He's monosyllabic initially, won't communicate with Cassie (the heroine) for SEVEN years. Cassie admires and desires the semi-regular occupant of Cabin 11. She even gets bold enough once to let him know. He's just not interested, but he still returns to rent the cabin. None of this book would work without an amazing female lead. Cassie is a determined business woman, starts with little, toils the day through and makes something of herself, but doesn't really see the value in herself.

The side characters have depth, Milagros is a friend and employee worth having. She's protective and stands her ground with Deacon. As with the rest of this series, the heat factor is to the power of 10 and it accentuates the deep connections between the characters.

Reading this just before the release of Sebring makes me very excited to welcome it onto my kindle. Not long now.

Reviewed for Jo&IsaLoveBooks Blog.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
cheryl croll
Holy crap! Again, this is why I love KA. I was sucked, absolutely sucked, into this book from the first page. I could not put it down and I could not love it more. Books like these from KA is the reason why I would do this woman’s dishes for the rest of my life if she let me read her books all the time and then we could just sit down and talk about her characters. And I HATE dishes!

What did I love about this book? The answer is pretty much everything. I loved how Deacon just continuously showed up for a few years at the cabins that Cassidy owned. I loved how she continuously talked to him about all the upgrades and he didn’t utter one word besides “eleven.” I loved how the moment that he realized that she was single and danger was lurking about, he tensed up and took over. I loved their relationship, I loved when things got hard, I loved each other’s confession of their past, and I loved how absolutely supportive they were of each other.

This was one of the hottest KA books that I have read. That is all I am going to give you on that comment besides, wow!

I was surprised to know that there was a whole lot more to Deacon than just an alpha male who has a super secret and dangerous job. When it got to the story behind his darkened past, I was heart-broken by it. No wonder he was the way he was with a past like that. However, they only beauty behind that past was finding Cassidy and her love and light was able to pull him out of this pitch black darkness. Just look at this book cover- one dark leave, one light leave-Deacon and Cassie.

Basically, I am saying READ. THIS. BOOK! And you will end it just like I did with a “WHAT? This can’t be happening! I need more! I need it right now! *frantically looks on Goodreads to see when the next book is coming out* I can’t find when the next book comes out. How am I going to survive this wait?” That is what happened to me when I finished it. It was such a great book!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
emily puerner
ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review

Excitement flowed through me. With kindle in hand, eyes fixated on its screen, the world around me faded away. All that existed resides in cabin 11 - Glacier Lily Cottages - Antler, Colorado. Captivated and consumed by Deacon and Cassidy's love story, I was once again lured into a fantastical world created by one of my favorite authors, Kristen Ashley. As expected, I was treated to a wondrous, emotional tale filled with laughter, heartache, and amazing erotic scenes, which surpassed any previously penned by this author. Deacon is a must read for fans and lovers of romance.

Deacon is the fourth installment in the "Unfinished Heroes" Series - stories about `anti-heroes' - decent men whose life experiences forced them to do undesirable deeds. Deacon, aka John Priest as he is first introduced to Cassidy, is one of those men. Heart-shattering events from his past led him down a dark and dangerous path to become a "dead man walking".

This erotic romance is by far one of the hottest, sexiest books I've read. The sex, which included BDSM elements, was deliciously arousing. Cassie and Deacon know how to get their kink on and their "vanilla" lovemaking was just as sizzling. Ashley has out done herself, making this read one of my all time favorites. It had it all...a well written plot, drama, suspense, passion and breath-taking moments. Her detailed and descriptive writing, as well as the dialogue, gives great insight into the hearts and minds of the characters.

Cassie is the owner of Glacier Lily Cottages, cabins set in the mountains of Colorado. Her first customer is a gorgeous, terrifyingly scary man who calls himself "John Priest". From the moment they met, Cassie was drawn to him by simply glancing into his expressionless eyes. And so begins a quasi-relationship spanning over six years as Deacon finds himself returning to what he considers home...cabin 11. All the while, a war was raged within the mysterious Deacon Gates. A battle between his will to remain a broken, emotionally detached man and the growing need to submit to his burning desires for Cassie.

I fell head over heals in love with Deacon. Tall, handsome, rugged, outrageously sensual and a growler - everything I desire in the Alpha hero of my dreams. Each time he rumbles "WOMAN", "HERE" to Cassie, I tingled with girlish excitement. The complexity of his character was fascinating. A total badass who voiced so few words but whose actions and expressions spoke volumes. His transition from a stoic, soulless man to a caring and passionate lover overwhelmed me. Buried beneath his `wall of ice' lived a true romantic hero. The more Deacon shed his secrets, the more I connected with his character. Tough and tender, serious and sweet, commanding and compassionate - all that makes Deacon the powerful man who wormed his way into Cassie's heart, managed to capture mine.

Cassidy Swallow is "the sh!t". One of the strongest storybook heroines I've come across. She's funny and sassy (in a non annoying way). Her determination to be both an independent woman and to break through to Deacon was immeasurable. She's the perfect "tough broad" to challenge a man like Deacon. I admired her tenacity and the way she gave all of herself to help heal his pain. Cassie is without a doubt the woman Deacon needed to help conquer his demons, let go of an ugly past and fight a "beautiful war".

For fans, Deacon is a must read. It contains some sexual situations mentioned in the disclaimer, but honestly, I personally had no trouble with it. There is no cliffhanger, but a foundation is set for the last installment. It can be read as a stand-alone. However, I highly recommend reading Knight, Creed and Raid to fully appreciate the journey and the characters involved in the storyline. One of the highlights of diving into a new release is discovering which old friends make cameo appearances. Another reason why I love KA's books, the perpetuity she gives all of her characters. You really never say a final goodbye. My only gripe (if you can even consider it one) is that I found myself wanting more of Cassie and Deacon's romance. I am a greedy reader when it comes to Kristen's work. Her stories exist on a different plane for me, and the power of her tales touches me in unspeakable ways. Seeing the word "epilogue" fills me with dread knowing I have to wait to get my next fix.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
jasmine sunder
Deacon. One simple name. One complex story. One heartbreaking, devastating, enigmatic, amazing man.

There's not much I can say that everyone else who loves the story hasn't said. Deacon is Kristen Ashley at her finest. It's gorgeous, totally alpha male meets beautiful, quirky, perfect-for-him female. It's woman who knows what to do for man, working hard to keep him happy. It's a broken man realizing and appreciating the love of a good woman. It's family, it's passion, it's acceptance, it's love, it's hard work. It's laugh-out-loud funny. It's bring-you-to-tears sad. It makes you warm and fuzzy all over in the way ONLY Kristen Ashley can make you feel.

If you've read and loved Kristen Ashley books then you know what I'm saying. If you haven't read any Kristen Ashley books ... honestly? What are you waiting for?

Deacon. Another 5 star story. Another set of characters to feel for and adore. Another emotionally powerful story with an ending that makes you feel GOOD.

Kristen Ashley makes the ordinary extraordinary. Read her books and find the magic.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
stephen booth
~Reviewed by SUZANNE & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog
Quick, someone grab a fan and cool me down! This has got to be Kristen Ashley’s hottest book to date! I swear I am still blushing (and maybe panting a little) from reading it. The sexy times may take some time to arrive but when they do hold on to your hats and grab a spare pair of knickers; you’re going to need them.

If you have ever read a Kristen Ashley book, then you will know exactly what to expect with Deacon the heroes may be a little rougher in her Unfinished Heroes series and the books more erotic, but you are still left with Ashley’s highly addictive combination of tough alpha hero, with more muscles and testosterone than a football locker room and an intense romance where the heroine can’t help but be swept off her feet. And what girl could resist being swept off her feet by Deacon? He has made an appearance in Ashley’s previous books and his back story proved both sadder and more interesting than I expected. I really enjoyed reading and seeing him get his well deserved happy ending with Cassidy, the heroine.

But, I did find this book to be fairly slow, it definitely isn’t for you if you want something snappy and fast paced, the first part of the book did drag along and then it seemed as soon as it picked up the pace I had reached the end and they were having a very steamy epilogue that had me eyes fixed on the screen and my hand reaching for….a glass of ice water.

Another fantastic book from Kristen Ashley, I really am a KA Addict and cannot WAIT for whatever she wants to release next.

*ARC provided by author
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
debbie maclin
I’ve been a Kristen Ashley fan since the first book I ever read from her. I like the fact that while her books belong to different series, they usually have at least one character that crosses over from one series to another.

This fourth book from the Unfinished Hero series is about Deacon Gates, a dark broken man who doesn’t know just how much love he still has in him to give, and Cassidy Swallow, a strong woman who knows what she wants.

I am giving this book 5 red hearts, even if there were other books from her that I loved more. Also, not a lot of things happened in the love story, except for when something happened that tore the hero and heroine apart. The reason for my rating is that KA wrote about a man who has been through his lowest of lows and lived with that darkness for years. The love of a good woman, no matter how strong, is not going to change that overnight. KA showed that love heals wounds the moment that we, ourselves, decide to let go of the pain and instead soak ourselves in the glory of the love that we are given.

The sex scenes are hot. I think this is her hottest and sexiest book yet. While all the books in the series are erotic, Deacon’s book still exceeds the bar that was set by the first three books.

Seriously, why is it that I get turned on by these notorious heroes that KA creates? I mean, there hasn’t been a KA hero that I did not absolutely adore. Deacon Gates is just another name on that fictional hot men list that I have written down in secret.

I cannot wait for more books from her. In the meantime, when I need my KA fix, I have all those books and heroes to rendezvous with again.

Now that makes me hot!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
sara batkie
Kristen Ashley stole my heart when I stumbled upon Knight over 2 years ago. I will always count this series as very special to me because it was what caused me to discover an author that is now my #1 go to authors for passionate and riveting plots. Stories that suck you in and make you read slowly to savor each and every sizzling page. While this series is what Kristen calls her Anti-heroes there is not doubt they are still swoon worthy heroes indeed. Deacon’s story broke my heart and then put it all back together. From the moment he walked into Cassie’s cabin I was swept away in the abyss of his personality.

I felt so many feelings while reading this book that I at times caught myself with my hand over my heart..because the emotions were so intense. That is what makes a brilliant author. When you can’t stop reading and don’t want anything to interrupt this amazing love affair with words. Deacon and Cassidy were just breath taking together. I loved the slow build of their love and the sexy and sassy banter.

The dialogue was over the top amazing and I found everything I love about a Kristen Ashley romance in this. A steamy love story that is erotic yet tender, broken but beautiful. Healing and forgiveness and loyalty and strength.

Characters that intrigue, plot that is intense and passionate and a whole cast of favorites who sweep you away to the past when you fell in love with each of them. I adore this author with everything I my heart and eagerly count the days till my Kindle carries the next brilliant read she gifts her readers with.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
kelly konrad
This book was just okay. It started strong but went downhill from there. I really loved the build-up. It was exciting to guess what was going on with Deacon. But SPOILER ALERT- when we found out after he just left Cassie for asking, it was predictable. In most KA books the man leaves the woman at least for some period of time. When Deacon returned, Cassie welcomed him with open arms. I thought this was very anticlimactic. She claimed she was "dead" without him yet took him back after he played a song for her and gave her a little explanation? Come on. She could've made him work a little harder. Just seemed boring. And as other people said, the lack of drama outside their relationship was a bit boring as well. Overall, I guess it was a good love story. Just not all that interesting once you get past 60% or so.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Deacon has an ugly painful past, a past that broke him. Out of necessity, he left the normal world and descended into the criminal underworld. Leaving Deacon cold as ice and living off the grid having no intention to connect with another living being. When he returns to some remote cabins in the Colorado Mountains he meets the new owner Cassidy Swallow. Suddenly, Deacon finds himself coming back again and again knowing nothing can come of it. From the moment she met Deacon she knew he was trouble, broken even dead inside. She knows he could destroy her if given the chance. She also knows she would take that chance if given.

Deacon is my favorite of the Unfinished Hero series right next to Knight. Deacon just tears at your heart and knocks you right in the feels. Deacon and Cassidy's story is heartbreaking and loving and funny and just everything. There is just something about him, there have been glimpses of Deacon in a few of the other UH series, but finally his own story. He is everything you could hope for. Just Ah-mazing!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Another winner.
I read some reviews before reading this book. So, I wasn't sure it was going to be that good. I was in no hurry. Why oh why do I do that??!!
It was great. It was sweet and beautiful. And full of alpha male goodness. Wicked goodness!!

I loved Deacon. And Cassie too. But really - loved Deacon (swoon). She really went out on a limb trusting him like she did. Just going with her gut and instinct. It did not prove her wrong.

There were two things that threw me. The first was the scene when Deacon came back. How he laid it out to her. I get it, but it just seemed weird to me. Like there should have been more of a heart to heart before the bedroom scene. I get the bedroom scene, I do. But I just thought there should have been more to the reconciliation.

The second (or maybe this should have been the first?) was that Deacon kept coming back to cabin eleven for 4+ years before anything ever happened between them. If anything, he discouraged any kind of interaction with Cassie.

All in all though, another winner in my book anyway.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
melanie marshall
I love the Unfinished Hero books, but this wasn't my favorite in the series. Trust me when I tell you that Kristen Ashley, who is without question one of my favorite authors, can tell a story and keep you engaged the entire time regardless of who she is writing about. But this one took me about a week to get through, which is unheard of for me with a KA book. Deacon just didn't grab me the way Knight did. But then again, you always remember your first...

Cassidy, on the other hand, was remarkable! I absolutely loved her from the start of the book until the last page. Which is rare in a KA book for me to do. Normally I like the heroes and hate the heroines, but this girl had some serious spunk and moxy! I love that even when she was young she knew what she wanted and went for it, even getting rid of the a** that was holding her back.

Deacon was a slow read for me. Deacon, the character, didn't get interesting until I found out why he was so distant and that was well over half way through the book. I held on for our Cassie girl!

I liked it a lot, and I recommend it absolutely! My Deacon just wasn't as hot for me as the others.

I give this novel 3.5 lipsticks!

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
This was a god book and I loved the storyline of this book. The connection was there from me the reader to the characters as well as the emotional connection. Deacon was such a sexy big man and I loved his character, Cassie I loved her too and she made me laugh EVERYTIME she said "I'm a tough broad". The author did a good job of laying a foundation down for there to be something(friendship) built upon and not the stupid insta-love I'm so tired of reading about. Now I will admit that I took away a star because of the overuse of the word "bad@ss" in reference to Deacon. I say this because there was NOTHING shown in the book for us to "see" that Deacon was a bad@ss. Other than that I loved the book I didn't love the ending it was ok but it could of been better. Overall this book was well worth the money and the time it took to read and buy, so in my opinion I say get this book.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
ethan nosowsky
better than "The Promise", but so similar femake character. Again the begining started good, then the middle part where their relationship was kind of good, it was sooo boring. As if KA picked up form all her books typical behaviour pattern and glued it together. And this constant reminder in every line, that Deacon is the badass...Annoying.. It is obvious that all male caharcters ar badasses in KA books.
I liked all her book so much, they are my favourite ones in romance field, but lately there is a dissapointment after disapointment. She managed to make this book better, but still it is so far from her original books. Like Rock Chicks, all females were crazy, all males were alfa badasses, but still she gave to every single one its own character.
Is it the end of magnificent KA book era? Will she continue to fail me? I waisted my money already on 4 books.
I am not looking forward to next dissapointment. May be she should take a huge break? Or JUST CHANGE THE PUBLICIST!,
P.S. Sex scenes were..ugh.... Decaon lost his bad.. And became to enjoy just as..... Ewwwww.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
ayesha sadiq
While the action and danger that is present in the other books in this series is missing, Deacon still comes across as total badass. He is mysterious and brooding, dropping in out of the blue to rent one of Cassies cabins, paying in cash, and leaving just as quickly as he shows. Rather than a raging fire this story is a slow burn. It takes years for them to finally come together but once they do it gets intense very fast.

Deacons attitude and manner of talking to Cassie, while bossy, is very hot. With every turn of the page we get to see her bring him back to life. The progression from the closed off, cold man he was to sweet, and even humorous is stunning. Through all of the tenderness in this story we still hold on to all the alpha goodness that we have come to expect from the Unfinished Heroes.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
michelle manion
I was really anticipating Deacon. The Unfinished heroes series has had ups and downs for me but I had great hopes for this one . Unfortunately neither the story,writing or characterisation sparked for me. I am not a fan of the very slow build to relationship romance -it does not suit the KA style of love anyway and leaves you questioning how strongly the characters are drawn to eachother if they can stay away for so long. Deacon did not do it for me -he was more of a idiot than an alpha male. Cassie was just another to good to be true heroine. Really dislike the sex scenes in this one - the bdsm was much better done in Knight. Overall it was just okay. There wasvery little plot and a rushed resolution
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Kristen Ashely’s Unfinished Heroes series is my favorite of hers. Not only do we have Knight, but we have Creed and Raid which are pretty great as well. When I heard Deacon was getting a book, I was pretty freaking excited. I had very high expectations for this book, and I wasn’t let down. Knight is still my favorite of the series, but this was a close second! Deacon is not only insanely hot, but we have a sexy alpha antihero, an amazing and hilariously fun heroine, and a great story. You can’t ask for more that that!

Cassidy is living her dream, doing what she’s always wanted to do... but is she really living? She has always wanted to live in the Colorado Mountains. She’s now the proud owner of Glacier Lily Cottages. She rents out 11 different cabins by the night. She didn’t plan on doing this alone. She planned on doing it with her man, but that didn’t quite pan out. She’s happy where she is, and she’s happy with her work... but still, something is missing.

Since the very start of her running this business, Cassidy has has a man that visits cabin 11 frequently. He says his name is John Priest. He’s tall, dark, handsome, and a little bit scary. He’s also quiet, brooding and rugged. For years he comes by. Sometimes every few weeks, sometimes every few months, but he always shows. And she always keeps cabin 11 open for him if she can.

Deacon has a mysterious past. We’re not sure who he really is, what he does for a living or any of that. What he does isn’t exactly on the radar, or even legal for that matter. Something happened to him to make him so closed off. He has very few people in his life he trusts, or who know the real him. He has no real home. But for some reason, or because of one particular woman, he is constantly drawn back to Glacier Lily Cottages when he’s not working.

It’s obvious Cassidy and Deacon are drawn to each other. For years they fight that pull. Deacon knows he wouldn’t be good for a woman like her. And Cassidy knows Deacon has a dangerous side. But they can only fight their feelings for so long... Until it all comes out in the open. 

Their relationship had a unique start. It definitely wasn’t insta-love, it was more like a slow build up. They weren’t able to spend all kinds of time together, but anytime Deacon wasn’t working, he was with Cassidy. It was the only place he actually wanted to. He hadn’t had a home in a very long time, but with Cassidy, he was finding one again.

Cassidy was an incredible heroine. One of my favorite KA heroines for sure. I can’t think of one time she was unlikable or annoying. She worked hard, she was sweet, funny, stubborn, bossy and spunky. I loved her attitude. So many scenes with her had me laughing out loud.

Talking to herself in the hardware store... then the grocery store... I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve done that! I love that she speaks her mind and is outgoing and strong. You have to have that backbone when your with an alpha.

And that’s exactly what Deacon was. An alpha. He seemed like this complete tough guy, stoic and uncaring at the beginning, but that’s not him at all. Deacon is a caring and protective man. He’s just had a past that has made him a bit damaged. Then there is Deacon in the bedroom... this book may be Kristen’s hottest book yet. Seriously scorching hot and kinky. I loved it! Deacon was a bossy in the bedroom, but let himself be vulnerable too.

Deacon and Cassidy didn’t have the easiest relationship, but they both wanted it, wanted each other. Deacon is not only a beautiful romance, but also an emotional tale of a man getting over his past and a woman helping him learn to love and trust again. 

I love the way Kristen Ashley writes. I love her details, her story telling ability, and her fantastic heroines and hot as hell alphas. When I read books like this, I remember why she is my favorite author. After reading Deacon, I was a 100% happy and satisfied reader, and there is no better feeling than that!
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Struggled between 2.5 and 3 stars.
Like many reviewers are saying I sooo wanted to love this. I waited breathlessly for it. And I did love the first pages when Cassidy was struggling with the cabins and Deacon was still a mystery man.
Then unfortunately they got together.
And this is what happens...
Deacon: I am a badass
Cassidy: Yes you are but I still want to pay my own way.
Deacon: I am a badass.
Cassidy: Yes you are..let's have sex
Deacon: I am a badass
Cassidy: More sex and please let me pay my own way.
Deacon: I am still a badass
Cassidy: Ridiculous formulaic misunderstanding.
Deacon: Let me play you a song because I have gone from being a badass to being a fourteen year old.Also I will let you give it to me in the backdoor.
Cassidy: okay but only if we can have sex please. and I am definitely paying my own way.
The end.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
~Further, I knew in a glance he was gone. There was nothing there.He was standing. His blood was coursing through his veins. He was breathing.

But that was it.

He existed.

He did not live. He did not feel. He did not smile. He did not laugh.~

Even though it's like picking your favorite kid, and should be darn near impossible, I've discovered without a shadow of a doubt, that I have a favorite author. Let me explain. I was no stranger to her name; many people had been raving and shouting from the rooftops for years. But I'm a binge reader and I knew if I loved her writing, I wouldn't stop until I'd read them all. And this woman has an almost endless plethora of books. So I had to carve out time. August 2014 will hereforth be known as Kristen Ashley month. I started with the Dream Man series, then Chaos, then Unfinished Hero,then Rock Chicks, then Colorado Mountain Men, and lastly The 'Burg. In ONE MONTH. Such was my obsession and love of these books that I then turned around and did something unheard of for me. I immediately re-read the Dream Man, Chaos, and Rock Chick books (re-reads of the others will follow soon). I simply couldn't get enough. KA has this inane ability to create worlds that contain people you genuinely care about. From the character that has one line to the star of the show and everyone in between. She weaves tales and characters that are simply irreplaceable. She builds lives and sets tables. These aren't quick stories; they are a slow build. More than anything, I really appreciated that. They aren't rushed and you legitimately are invested in all the happenings. You feel their hope, their love, their devastation, their joy, their heartbreak. You feel it from the tips of your fingers into the marrow of your bones. She leaves you reeling...every.single.time. There wasn't one book of hers I read over the last 6 weeks that I couldn't still tell you intimate details about. You find yourself using words like cottoned and whacked and even answering the phone with "Yo!". She's not simply a writer; she's a life transformer.

~I'd been right all those year ago. His eyes had the power to make you feel what he was feeling. Cold to your soul. Or warm in a way you'd never again feel a chill.~

So even though I had just read the other books in the series (Knight, Creed, and Raid), I did a quick re-read before starting Deacon. I believe he was briefly mentioned in Creed and a little more in Deacon, but all we know going into this is that he's a broken man, a ghost. I think it made the story that much better that we didn't know anything about him. I was able to discover his little nuances as the story went along. I fell in love with these characters, but like their relationship, it was a slow, tortuous, and often mind-numbing build. Imagine if you will, the incline of a roller coaster, but it takes four years. When you reach the peak, your anticipation is at an unreachable level, not knowing what's coming but knowing it will be life-changing. That's how Deacon was for me. The fear was ever present and for once, it wasn't from outside sources. Because when these two finally do connect, bombs implode. Not literal ones mind you, but their chemistry was off the charts sexy. KA crossed lines in this book that haven't been present in any others, and they were some of the most delicious words I never knew I needed in my life. Trust me when I say you will be deliciously squirming in your seat, crossing your legs relentlessly. The crescendo of emotions played out beautifully, and I never wanted the ride to end.

~"It's a beautiful war, baby. And I...just...won."~

One of the many things that I've always appreciated in KA books, besides the fact that they are in their 30's and 40's and have normal jobs, are the equal partnerships her characters have. Though they may be broken, they aren't weak. And she equally makes the men and woman broken. Broken characters are my downfall because the inevitable road to recovery makes it all worth it. I'm a broken character junkie; I fully admit it. But I loved that in Deacon, he was the truly broken one and she was the stronger (in the beginning) of the two. She was a women with a dream, no, not just a dream, she was a woman who was LIVING her dream. She knew what she wanted from a young age and went for it. He is a man, not searching for redemption, but truly believing he doesn't deserve it. Though their torture spans years, the pull between these two is relentless. KA's writing is so engaging that you find you don't mind the wait, not one little bit. The final crescendo is worth it. I eagerly await Nick's book and a searching for something to staunch the gaping wound that Deacon has left in my chest.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
lee sheppard
Deacon has the nickname Ghost for a reason, he is barely living just doing his job. He is dark and brooding, but he keeps returning to Cassidy's Colorado Cabins year after year. He sees how her life keeps changing but the cabins keep improving and becoming more popular. Can't believe Cassidy has no man by her side. He really has to fight his inner demons to let Cassidy in. Cassidy is a great character, she is strong, brave and lovely.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
yohanes nugroho
"What we have, that's beautiful war, Deacon. What you had...was ugly war. And in ugly war, things get ugly."

Deacon was definitely worth its wait. It tells the tale of a broken man with nothing to lose and a dreamer with EVERYTHING to offer...including her heart.

But how can you really build a future with a person whom you don't know anything really about? Or who holds simple trivia about himself tighter than a cookie in a cookie jar?

One thing's for sure: Nothing will ever be the same again for these unlikely lovers in this quiet, picturesque, Colorado backdrop!

#A sweet and sexy tale of finding love in the most hopeless and unseen circumstances. Kristen Ashley definitely lays down her patented chops of one hulky alpha male and one resilient and admiring female heroine!! I can't wait for more from this series and by the looks of it, all Unfinished men and women will be coming around full circle for the next book(s) perhaps!! So excited!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
4 YAY, it’s the Unfinished Hero series!!! Stars

Doesn’t it feel like FOREVER since the last unfinished Hero book? I’ve been DYING for this one.

Deacon wasn’t as gritty as what I am use to with this series. Deacon was kind of light hearted, but it definitely has the alpha Kristen Ashley hero we crave and LOVE


Cassidy throws her life savings and purchases cabins to rent out. The cabins need a lot of TLC and over the course of years, she fixes the place. Over the course of years, a mysterious man comes very randomly to rent out the same cabin. Cassidy doesn’t interact with him that much except that she provides the keys and takes his money, but that’s about it.


I love the plot. I think the idea of Cassidy owning cabins and fixing them up is really cute. Even though the beginning is a bit slow, I love the slow build up between Cassidy and Deacon. I like how there is no insta-love or insta-lust. I like how Deacon is a big mystery and he shows up randomly.

Of course eventually there is interaction and you know how Kristen Ashley writes her Heroes. They never speak in full sentences, are always in charge, mysterious and very alpha. Like I say, I love it. Deacon is attracted to Cassidy but doesn’t have much to offer her.

He doesn’t even tell her his last name, that’s how much he can offer her.

But Cassidy doesn’t think with her brain, she’s using her heart and her heart tells her that Deacon makes her feel good and so far it’s enough.

The second half of the book, things shift and it’s steamier and there is a little more meat in the relationship. We start to question who Deacon is, where he comes from and why is he the way he is. I did feel like getting to the shift, it dragged a bit, but once you get to it, it picks up.

Overall, I enjoyed Deacon very much. It wasn’t my favorite, I love Knight, but very enjoyable regardless.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Deacon (The Unfinished Heroes Series Book 4)
Loved it. May be my favorite of this series so far.
July 30, 2017 – Started Reading
August 2, 2017 – Finished Reading
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
dana galder
Quite possibly, the best book of the series! I loved Deacon. So much I soon envy Cassidy, though she was perfect for him. And the sex scenes were hot. Inferno hot. And I do know of two alpha males in real life who like their backdoor played with during sex. Don't know about as extreme as Deacon did, but it is not unusual. So well done!
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
This series is just not for me. I considered not reading this one, but decided to give it a try. I can now say I'm officially done with the "Unfinsihed Heroes" series. The story did have so much potential but it just fell short for me personally. Im a huge fan of Kristen Ashley work, but this was an exception. It won't, however, deter me from reading her future work.

* I loved the setting and the whole idea of the heroine owning cabins in the mountains
* I enjoyed the characters. KA has a gift for character depth
* I always apprciate a strong and independent heroine, and Cassie was that

* I'm not opposed to kinky sex, bondage etc, but something in this book (and this series) it almost felt pushed. It was ok, but I never found it to be hot or steamy.
* I tired of the whole plot. He left, and came back to the heroines open arms. OVER AND OVER AND OVER.
* The storyline was boring at times. There was no climax (aside from in the bedroom) I never once was excited, or eager to see how things played out. It was just "blah" throughout.
* Aside from the hero overcoming his issues and sex nothing happened. No dilemmas, contrevsies etc.
* The hero. Ugh. He was constantly going on about the imporatance of family, and being a standup guy, and yet his actions didn’t really backup his words until later. He went 10 years MIA??
* The ending. It just had me shaking my head. I love KA epilogues but this one was diappointing
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
mark watson

Raw, pure Badass Alpha romance story ever.

Deacon is my first Kristen Ashley book (I'm sorry but better late than never) and I must say I get it why she has lots of fans and after reading this book, I am sold. This would sound crazy because, like I said this is my first book of KA but she is one of the few authors out there that can write such a badass, pure & raw Alpha romance story that will captivate you from beginning to end. I was blown away. She is spectacular. This book includes not just the erotic side of the story but also one of the wildest dream you can ever have imagine doing to your partner and not just one-sided. I was like, 'Whoa! She did not.' but it was amazing. It's one of the wildest fantasies a person can have and she wrote in a pristine and beautiful manner that it actually sounded more romantic than erotic. Plus it's a romantic story of love and healing and forgiveness. What more can you ask for?

And let me just say that the character of Deacon is the most Alpha-est character I have ever encountered in a book. The way KA wrote his character and how he interacts just makes you want to melt and crawl under him. This is the 4th book and I bet books 1-3 have the same Alpha guy persona and theme in it.

This will not be my last KA book, that I can promise and I am excited to read more from her.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Deacon is a no nonsense type of guy and he's always straight and to the point, "don't worry about me ungloved. Haven't effed anyone for seven years." He's always honest which I love, "I can. But my d*** has a mind of it's own around you. Don't need to be fightin' gettin' hard while a ten-year-old kid is interrogatin' me about my life." I loved this book, well I always love Kristen's book but I loved Deacon. He was all alpha and he was protective and I want one of him.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
I enjoyed this book and it's been a long while since I've said that about one of Kristen's books which is a shame since she used to be one of my favourite authors. Now Deacon is a romance, purely a romance there's none of the crime drama or excitement we associate with a lot Kristen's books and it's a lot shorter than I'd expected but it's still a good read.
The description for this book is good, as you'd expect so there's absolutely no point me giving more. One of Kristen's strengths is in her characters, her men are always alpha, hot and flawed and her females are strong, intelligent, caring and beautiful. Deacon and Cassidy are no exception, I loved them both especially Deacon, well most of the time anyway.
Kristen has a very distinctive style and therefore her books are very similar I think one reason I enjoyed this one more is because I've been reading less of her books lately. It's well written with plenty of build-up, depth and background.
A lot of readers will love this book but a lot will also be disappointed in the length and content my advice is just approach it as a slow build romance between two interesting people, don't expect drama or fireworks.

I'm adding this note because I completely agree with the reviewer who's disappointed with Kristen's books since her publishing deal she's not been the same, her early books are fantastic 'At Peace' being my all time favourite but it has strong competition from 'Golden Dynasty' 'Until the Sun Falls from the Sky' 'Motorcycle Man' and so many others and I've been disappointed to the extend that I've completely stopped reading all her new books unless I'm already committed to the series.
I struggle with rating Kristen's books and I've had this rant many times before, 3 stars is the rating I generally give to a book I enjoy the majority of free romantic reads fall into this category and for me this book was better than that so I decided on 4 stars but compared to Kristen's early work it would be 2 stars and this is the problem, how do you rate a book which isn't anywhere near what the author used to write but yet it's better than most of the general 3 star books out there.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I love this series so much. I live that you get to revisit past characters and the storyline is amazing. I don't know why I waited so long to read this series. I'm excited to read Nick's book. I've been waiting since before it released.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
First, I need to say that Kristen Ashley is one of my all time favorite authors. Truly she is. Her books always leave me feeling as if I’ve just plunged into a warm pool at the end of a long summer day: soothed, relaxed, happy and sated. Few can do that. I mean, how many times do you close a book and think “What the heck was that?” I know what I am going to get when I start a KA novel: women that are strong, courageous and self sufficient; Alpha males that will be honest, caring, strong, and good in the sack. (winky face)

Deacon is no different. It’s about a young woman with goals and ambitions and all she wants is to share it with the guy she loves. That’s until she realizes he really doesn’t love her or her life plan the way that she thought he had. Amongst all this, a stranger shows up and keeps showing up for years. You see, she runs a vacation spot consisting of remote cabins. It’s quiet, peaceful, and just what Deacon needs.

If you are a KA reader, you’ve had brushes with Deacon before. The cold, dead eyed ghost of a man really needs to have a place to go when he has down time. For whatever reason, this is the place he keeps coming back to. It takes one Christmas Eve to change things and years later to figure out that that change is exactly what he needs.

I really don’t want to spoil it for you. Jump in the warm water and find out for yourself if a ghost can be resurrected.

A perfect end of summer read that will take you to the Colorado Mountains.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
rakesh satyal
I enjoyed reading this book so much!!!

Deacon is the perfect mix of Alpha; he's broody, mysterious, lovable but he's super sweet to Cassie!

Cassidy/Cassie is one tough broad. No pretentions, sweet, smart, independent and has a smart mouth.

They compliment each other really well.

Reviewing a KA book is hard because it's always so good but choosing a favorite from all her books is even harder but let me tell you, this book just landed a spot in one of my all time fav KA's that good!!! I can't wait to read more!!!

Kristen Ashley, you never fail to impress us! Thank you for this book and I definitely look forward to reading more from you.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Ms. Ashley NEVER disappoints - EVERY stand-alone, every series...each time I say I have a new favorite....and each time I'm proven wrong - because the next is always my new favorite. Seriously - what other author can successfully write about genies, bad-@ss bikers, commandos, werewolves, vampires, hybrid werewolf/vampires, PI's, photographers, (the list goes on...) and still keep it interesting and fresh? THIS GIRL! I CANNOT say enough good about her books - buy them all - you will NOT be disappointed.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
nickita council
Oooooh Kristen Ashley how I love you!!!

Deacon was so different than I thought he was gonna be, BETTER..... Cassie reminded me a lot of Nina...... Badass in her own sassy way and I loved every second of her.. I loved this entire book and I tried so hard to read slow so it would last longer... I don't even know what I can say about this book other than it's Kristen Ashley ..... You get everything with her, she does not disappoint...Not ever...
I dunno who's up next in the lineup with these unfinished heroes, but I know they'll be another with the way this one ended and I can not freakin wait!!!
Don't pass this book up, and if you're just coming to know Kristen Ashley, every single one of her books is amazing, in every single series and you'll see them all criss crossing and showin up in each others books and I LOVE THAT!!!

Another ace in the hole baby!
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
lindsay wriston
Sorry guys, but this is plain ole porn. The communication between the leading characters was borderline caveman talk - I've been around a lot of different types of people in this country and never, ever heard two people converse in the way these two do. This is labeled as a novel, but it comes out being porn and maybe not even soft porn. If I had the time I would like to go back and see how many pages of the book are sex scenes (very graphic sex scenes) as there are a LOT of pages of thinking of sex, having sex, after sex, sex again...... If you are looking for that then this is your "read". I like a lot more story and substance in my reading.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
sergio maggi
I LOVE all four books in this series. Kristen Ashley has become one of my favorite authors and I love all of her series of books. I can and have read the majority of them twice or more and I can't wait to read other books in the near future!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
KA knows how to write Alpha Male and Deacon does not disappoint! I have read every book in the Unfinished Heroes Series, and Deacon is my favorite to date by far. If you are looking for a total ALPHA, do not hesitate to get the one.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Kristen Ashley is my favorite author! She did not disapoint with Deacon! LOVED this book, I don't often write reviews but Deacon Deacon desrives one (and no I didn't type it twice, read the book and see.) I MUST warn you, once you go KA you will never go back! I read Deacon in one day! I will be reading this book agian when I am having a KA withdraws! BUY THIS BOOK! You will love Cassie and Deacon! Cassie is funny! They are BEST! Must go recover from this book hangover. Thank you KA for all your books and giving us Deacon Deacon! ;)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
kate stanley
5 HOT and Very Kinky Stars......

OMG, did I LOVED Deacon and Cassidy!!!!! This was another great by read by a great author!!!!! The sex, whoa, off the charts HOT!!!!!!!!!! Deacon was one heel of a sexy, hot, kinky guy and boy oh boy did I LOVE him!!!!!!!!!!
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
bridget david
I am a great believer in reviews. I am also a great believer in Kristen Ashley and for long time now, I have not bothered to look at a single review of her books before buying them.

That being said, when I first started reading this book I had to keep flipping back to the cover to make sure that it was indeed written by her. Where was the writing style I have so come to love from Kristen? This hero lacked depth, was definitely no badass and had no real story (we only get to know why he is the way he is towards the end of the book). Cassidy is a strong woman who runs her own business independently and proves capable of making smart decisions, so why in the world would she accept Deacon's ultimatums so quickly? (who in their right mind does that, he could be a serial killer for goodness sake!)

This story feels rushed (seen by the years that flew by with no real significant milestones) and so have a few of her recent ones. I finished the book feeling like I have just read a quick trashy romance (what is with all the sudden BDSM Kristen?) This is my very sincere appeal to you Kristen, please bring back the magic we all know and love. This is not you. You are NOT a mediocre writer who settles for what is quick and easy to sell. You are so much better than this.We need characters that have depth, that make you laugh, cry, cringe with embarrassment and most of all, makes you oh so happy when they finally overcome their fears to find happiness together (with lots of action, intrigue and humor to help the story along of course).

Just bring back the Kristen that brought us rockers, the hot bunch, dream men and best of all, Tatum Jackson.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
jason heath
This book fell short, extremely short. Where's the plot? Deacon is a badass, why...because he supposedly looks it, but doesn't really do anything badass?!! Takes 6 years for them to get together, so the first half of the book seemed to be the same boring chapter - after chapter! And the next half seems to be the same boring chapter after chapter of their boring time together! And I thought I had gotten used to the authors "Alpha-Male broken language" from the other books, but this one was horrible. I had to re-read too many sentences, just to make sense of what the heck Deacon was trying to say or meant! Seriously, who talks like that - that they cannot form a proper sentence? Not a good read at all!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
If there were more stars available, this book would have them! I love all of the books in Kristen Ashley's UNFINISHED HEROES series, but this one is my favorite! Deacon may be a tortured soul, but his heart is pure gold.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
....I wouldn't bother with a review because I usually like her books. This one not so much. This is the same formula as always, ditzy female with big breasts wanders into town with insomnia, or has daddy issues or is just silly is old. ENOUGH!
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
I didn't like this book as much as the others in the series. I felt that the story line was a bit slow the first half of the book then raced to the end.
I did like how Cassie was written. She was determined to make her dream a reality. she was not one who but up with any B.S..
the ending of the book certainly makes the reader crave for more. Waiting now for book 5
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
I could not like the characters, which I swear I have read about before. This is like Liam Neeson making the same movie over and over again. Was I reading the same book again, just with different names and slightly changed setting. I could not understand why Cassidy chose to leave her entire family to move to another state, albeit one with mountains and run a cabin/motel set up. It was completely unbelievable if not completely impossible. Deacon was also dialogue-challenged, more even than most of KA's heroes.
Here! he said to her, when he wanted the heroine to come and stand in front of him. Was she a dog?
I am tired of reading these tired stories, they are written by rote and with hardly any feeling.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
I don't understand where Kristen Ashley has gone.

This book had a lot of the obvious KA trademarks...
1. An alpha badass (or so we're told as he never truly demonstrates his badassery in THIS book) who is incapable of uttering the letter G
2. A sweet heroine who is down to the bone beautiful and coasts thru life blissfully unaware of her appeal
3. Inexplicable acceptance of any alpha dog mood swings that the sugary sweet heroine bats away with a minimum of protest.

It also lacked, and lacked in a big way, any real point. It feels like this was a book that could have been adequately summed up in the blurb alone. There was no real grand arch. There was a definite lack of plot. There was no danger to the heroine. There was no danger to the hero. No suspense. No tense moments. Obvious moments the story could have developed a personality only to have it sputter away and be left to wander aimlessly, page after page.

KA has done better. Much better. Maybe I've just reached my saturation point for her style of writing. I hope not, I truly enjoyed her earlier books. I've got at least a half a dozen on my reread list and several more that I've read and read and read again. This, I'm sad to say, will not be among them.

She opened with a warning about what to expect, maybe that set my expectations higher than they should have been. I was expecting the heat and sizzle of a perfectly cooked steak. Instead I was served up a lukewarm hamburger from the vending machine, complete with a soggy bun.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
In fact, the teaser had me kind of thinking a) Deacon sounds too weird for words; b) Cassie sounds boring; and c) the story doesn't sound very interesting. I bought it because I really liked KNIGHT, the first book in this Unfinished Heroes series. I did not like RAID or CREED nearly as much, but I am still trying to match it.

1. The characters are great. Cassie sounded a bit boring in the teaser, but that turned out to be misleading. She's cute, unpretentious, and incredibly strong in a very feminine way.
Deacon is not weird, as I had feared, but I was not quite as fond of him. I prefer my heroes to be alpha and dealing with the traumas of life in strong, controlled ways.
The story is pure relationship building with the climax being the big reveal of Deacon's past. Nothing else happens.

2. This is technically much better written than any of the six other Kristen Ashley books I've read. There are still some I/me usage errors, but the punctuation errors that are in this book are more about her writing style. This book still reads with a Kristen Ashley voice, and there are still a few rare sentences here and there that must be re-read for clarity. That's okay for me. This is still her style, but better.

3. There are no page numbers.

4. The earliest sex scenes in the book are sweet vanilla. The scenes begin to be hot around 60%. From there on, they just get hotter. Not a bad thing at all, IMO.

5. The H/h spend a lot of time apart. They take six years to initially get together. Then, when the breakup occurs, they spend six months apart. I'm not a big fan of that, but that's just me......just a personal preference.

I still think KNIGHT is the best of this series. It is hotter, sexier, and I liked the characters more. I would rank RAID and DEACON tied for second after KNIGHT.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
jenny guivens
Eat sleep rave repeat. This needs to stop. I feel like I'm in an abusive relationship and I keep thinking that the person I once loved will come back. No more. Does KA think her readers are stupid and we need to have every emotion spelled out for us? This was one very long cycle of trying to convince everyone of the "Beautiful" of their relationship and I found it ridiculous and really unnecessary. I thought this guy was going to be like Joe Callaghan he was not even close. Ok I'm done stop now. Take a break KA refocus please.
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