Falling Up

ByShel Silverstein

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
angie hall
My sons love Silverstein. His books are pretty much what they want to hear at bedtime. I think Shel Silverstein (from an adult's perspective) was a very multi-dimensional, interesting, intellectual, creative and talented man. He's a bit edgier than "Dr Suess" in the sense that some of his poems don't have very happy endings - but in our case, his books have stimulated our son's minds to think outside of the box.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Classic Shel Silverstein. I read selections from this book when there is extra time in my classroom. The students love the drawings and silly stories. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a laugh or material that can be educational.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
this book is one of my favorites, I grew up reading many of these books, amazing author! I've never felt so excited about books until I found these again. I purchased this one as well as "A Light in the Attic" and "Where the Sidewalk Ends" and I consider them my treasures, and all 6 of my children love them! I have also ordered " The Giving Tree" from my son's school and should get that soon. I recommend everyone should buy Shel Silverstein's books, each one is amazing!
Dark Room and Other Scary Stories - Reillustrated Edition (I Can Read Level 2) :: More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark :: Player Piano: A Novel :: Three Blind Dates (Dating by Numbers Series Book 1) :: The Complete 3-Book Collection with Classic Art by Stephen Gammell
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
dilip pillai
My daughter received a Shel Silverstein book at 5 yrs old for a Christmas gift from a friend. She loves the silly stories and poems. I know she would give it 5 stars, I give it 4 stars because there are a few poems that use words I don't care for. Probably words little boys say every day but not ones I read to daughter!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
carol estes
I grew up reading Shel Silverstein books all throughout elementary school. I was so glad I was able to find them on the store for such a low price. I am excited to read these and reminisce on memories from my childhood. Falling Up was one of my favorite books of poems by Shel Silverstein. I am even more happy that these books are in great condition. I also love that they are hardback and come with a protective sleeve.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Is this a book of crap he would never have published when he was alive? Even my son only likes 1 in 10 of these poems, and we have ALL his other books, well worn and read over 2 generations of being a kid. I'm sad these are so disappointing.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
lee gannon
The book arrived in time, so shipping was fine but the spine was broke which was no joke.
Lucky I know a temporary repair, so we're good there.

I just wish the seller had put in a description of the book's condition so I could have made a better purchasing choice.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
helena pires
Wow, my seller was kind enough to send me the copy she found two dogs fighting over under a parked car. I was hoping to at least get the cover for it, or for it to look marginally like the advertised pictures but.... Perhaps that's asking too much...
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
amir razic
I think Falling Up is a good poem book. The author of this book is Shel Silverstein. He written many other books too. All of his poem books are funny, sad, or happy. I love his book and I think you will enjoy it too. I encourage you to buy this book as well as the others. I know you would love it like me. Maybe your kids would love it too. I think you would really enjoy this book. Happy Reading!:)

The poem I liked in the book Falling Up is the poem Little Hoarse. Little Hoarse talks about a guy who went to the doctor and told him he was a little hoarse. But then, some kids overheard him and thought he was a little horse. The moral of the story is don’t judge a word by what it sounds, judge it by what it means.
The second poem I liked the best was My Sneaky Cousin. My Sneaky Cousin talks about a boys cousin being dirty. The cousin hated being called dirty so he snuck into the washing machine. And when he got out he was clean but not too happy. The moral of the story is some things might not be for you.
I would recommend this story to the store viewers. This book is filled with laughter and joy in every 144 poems.It is irresistibly hard to put down the book and not read.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
stephanie humphreys
Do you like poems if you do this is a book for you. It has 171 pages. Each page has a different poem on it. The author of this book is Shell silverstiein. And the book is mostly about funny, fiction, crazy, awesome poems. Some of them are weird and some are scary a funny + unrealistic. My opinion is well I think it is cool that each page has a different poem is funny and cool and I really like it. The reason I think you should read this is because it might interest you so maybe you can write your own poem.
The title shows a boy who is falling from the sky. And one of his shoes is off. And there are houses below him. The first page is weird but still funny a bit. It is cool how Shell Silberstein makes the poem make since. Like it’s not just in one big bunch. The only thing that wasn’t the best is sometimes a poem can be really long. But that also means the poem is probably good.
In the middle off the book there are more good poems. Let me give you a sneak preview of one of the poems I really like. It is called advice and it is when a guy is practicing his bow arrow by trying to aim. So a different guy putts an apple on his head and the other guy shoots and he misses the apple and instead it goes through the guy’s head it sounds weird but if you get the book and look at the picture and read it sounds better. And the picture looks funny.
Another one off my favorite poem is mirror mirror on the wall you might know that story but it is different from the one you probably are thinking about. But the one am talking about is really good. It is about a girl who thinks she is a princes so she is asking her mirror who is the fairest of them all. The mirror said Snow-white, Snow-white, Snow-white, I’ve told you a million times to night. And that is what the mirror said. Then the fake princes said what would happen if I let you fall. Then it said, “I would crash a shatter an be hanging dawn”. When you read the book you will find out the rest. But that is one off my favorite.

I think people should read this poem book because I think it’s a really good book. And the thing that is cool is almost every single page has a lesson. Since this is a poem book it doesn’t really have a theme. One thing I did not like is how some were really long but they were still good. Also some did not make since to me. I wonder if the author has more good books. I challenge you to go to the library right now and look for this book has I said before this poem book is called falling up.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Shel Silverstein looks at the world through a child's eyes and then answers some of the questions that a child would want to ask. The answers are not all "rosy" in the way that some adults would like to respond to the questions of children. Some of his work has been criticized as not being appropriate for children. I would disagree because the poem outcomes are so ludicrous and the humorous intent so obvious that a child old enough to understand the poem would understand the comic intent behind the poem. Silverstein writes about typical fears of childhood including being afraid of the dark, ferocious monsters and getting into trouble with the teacher. I think that is exactly why children do like to read his poems. Silverstein writes poems about ordinary things in life seen through a different perspective. The descriptive language in the poems appeal to children. Silverstein uses lots of rhymes, simple words, simple themes and interesting character names to draw the reader into the subject. Silverstein has an "off-the-wall" humor that makes the reader wonder what will be on the next page. One of the benefits of exposure to descriptive language for children is that it causes them to think about language as a tool. They can use it, twist it and bend it to suit their purposes. It shows children that they can have fun with words. This is a message that is important for students in the primary grades. You have to be a manipulator of the language in order to be a successful writer. The appeal of these poems is the humor and their ability to interest and entertain both children and adults. We know that children who have rich literature experiences at home have an advantage when they go to school. Parents who enjoy reading will read more to their children. They will also pass on a love of words and an attitude towards reading that will stay with their child. I think we need more books like "Falling Up" that parents, teachers and children can enjoy together.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
julie dennis
I read this years ago when I was younger but I do think I need to read them again. I want to read them to the kids but the stack of books to read them is already out of control and only one actually stays listening....
They are so cute and I remembered a few once I read them again. Where the Sidewalk Ends will always be my favorite of the two
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
I admit, I will read absolutely anything and everything that Shel Silverstein has ever written, be they the children's lit or the song lyrics from albums like "Freakin' at the Freaker's Ball" to the Playboy cartoons to my personal fave, "Uncle Shelby's ABZ book". So when I got the chance to read the entirety of "Falling Up" yesterday, I jumped at the chance.
First point though--in the fifteen years separating "A Light in the Attic" and "Falling Up", Shel wasn't exactly silent. He only wrote nine plays, a screenplay with David Mamet, co-wrote the score to "Postcards on the Edge", and wrote most of the lyrics for the Bob Gibson Album "Making a Mess of Commercial Success". Just so you all would know :-)
To the people who criticize Shel for possibly misusing the English language just to make a rhyme, well, it's not like it hasn't been done before, folks. Look at E.Y. Harburg's lyrics for a previous example, and that didn't stop *him* from being an acclaimed lyricist. Besides, the device still works.
The poems and drawings certainly made me laugh aloud; however, I must admit that the work is slightly inferior to his earlier books of poetry. Although I wonder--was I the only person who noticed that the poem about the "Gnome and the Gnu" was pilfered to a great degree from the breezily little nonsense song "I'm a Gnu" by Flanders & Swann? But it's a minor quibble.
In any case, these poems will certainly appeal to children of all ages. And here's hoping that the big kids will get a treat of their own in the form of more offerings from the adult side of Shel Silverstein.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I remember reading Shel Silverstein's book from when I was a little girl; I constantly read both "Where the Sidewalk Ends", “A Light in the Attic” and "Falling Up". Silverstein's poems in this book are I believed to be directed towards a younger crowd with a great imagination, but are still entertaining for the parents to enjoy. It’s a good read for someone that wants something silly and lighthearted to read. The poems are very interesting, all around clever and can give some new insight on different topics, all while including a witty ending. Some words that I would use to describe not only this entire book, but Shel Silverstein's writing in general is entertaining, easy to read/understand, refreshing, and humorous. Overall, I believe this book is unique, and Silverstein uses a lot of techniques that would make this book a success with the younger crowd.
Each poem in the book includes an illustration by the author himself, which I think is very unique. Not many writers include pictures, let alone their own illustrations. The aspect of the pictures definitely made this book stand out in my head, and always made me want to read this over and over again when I was a little girl. My older brother loves to draw, and I remember watching him recreate the drawings as best as he could after reading the poems. Adding to the uniqueness that it brings, it captures the children's attention and makes them want to hear what is going on in the picture. Pictures always capture the attention of little children, and how interesting and different the pictures look will keep their attention for a long time.
The way he writes his poems is something that I relate to; my style is very similar to his. Most of his poems include humor for both the children and the parents, and I like having that element in my writing. The way he uses humor to come across to the children, while keeping his rhyme scheme in most of his poems is very unique. This makes them flow better, and becomes easier for the children that are reading this book to understand. Also, another writing technique that he implements would be that the poems are never very long. I think that’s a very useful trick to use, especially when you are gearing your writing more towards a younger crowd. Kids do not have a long attention span already, so these short, sweet, and straight to the point poems make them a kid favorite.
He uses a lot of similes and metaphors, which I believe is because it’s the easiest for the children to understand. Many other types of figurative language would go over their heads, or they would not be able to understand the point that he is trying to get across. There is imagery there, but not the kind that you have to picture it in your head. Since illustrations are present, readers can easily just look at the picture to get a general idea as to what the poem is about. Also, personification is frequently used which I believe is a great technique for kids.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
kayleigh nn evans
To be frank, I get a kick out of Silverstein's work. It is always a bit quirky, always takes a couple of readings to really "get," and is very entertaining while being quite insightful as to human nature. This work is no different from his other works, same quality, same odd way of looking at life, same delightful black and white drawings. Publisher's Weekly got it pretty right here, in their usual, rather snotty way, which is one of the few reviews I have ever agreed with them on. (except their little shot at some of his art that they felt may no be appropriate for kids...obviously the author of that review has never been around kids very much). This work consists of 171 pages of poetry rhymes and drawings. I first read Silverstein in Playboy magazine years and years ago when I wasted my time with such publications. I did not particularly care for him them, but over the years have developed quite a like for his work. I truely love this book and do highly recommend it.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
sean collins
Falling Up is the third collection of poems and drawings offered to us by the multi-talented Silverstien.
This book will appeal to the child and inner-child alike.
Regarding age, this book like: "Where the Sidewalk Ends" and "A Light in the Attic", knows no boundries.
In addition to being a poet, Shel Silverstien is an accomplished cartoonist, playwrite and lyricist.
Mr. Silverstein played a big part in the early career of Dr. Hook, writing such hits as "The Freaker's Ball", "Cover of the Rolling Stone" and many others.
The popular country classic "One's on the Way" by Loretta Lynn was penned by Shel Silverstein.
The Irish Rover's signature song "The Unicorn" was also written by Silverstein and can be found in "Where the Sidewalk Ends".

If the author is Shel Silverstein, you can't miss, as the copy within is sure to be a hit!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
timothy michiemo
Kaitlyn Woolbright
Since school. Has started I have read forty to forty five books. Out of those books my favorite would have to be Falling Up. Falling Up is a collection of poems by Shel Silverstein. My favorite things about this book would have to be the title of the poems, artistic features, and the poems themselves. The title of the many wonderful poems really caught my eye like this one, "Furniture Bash." Wouldn't that catch your eye, too? The artistic features are very humorous! The one from, "Furniture Bash" shows a clock with a fist coming out of the center. Every poem has its own drawing, and it fits them quite well, too. The poems would have to be my favorite part. They are very comical, not to mention exciting. Out of all the books I have read in the past four months , my favorite would have to be Falling Up by Shel Silverstein. I would definitley recommend it to you.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Shell Silverstein, the author, has the most creative ideas in his head and they're probably still coming. If you like to giggle, then read Falling Up! It has creative words that made me laugh for each of those silly little words in the poem! The exotic pictures are half of the reason why I laughed so much! Sometimes, Shell Silverstein writes about impossible things of life as well. I also loved the book because he gives me great story ideas. Really, take my advice, if you like writing stories, or just like to laugh, read Falling Up!

If you read the first poem, and you like it, you have about 130 more poems to read! Sometimes I just read a poem's title, if it's catchy, I read it 5 times! The title might not be catchy but, the poem might! One of the things that I like is the pictures. I like the pictures because they're funny and they're on almost every page! Some of the poems are weird. Some just sound weird, and then, some just are weird. Falling Up has lots of pictures, big ones, small ones, fat ones, and skinny ones.

I would really give this book a four star rating. I recommend this book to kindergarteners and up because their parents can read it to them, and the parents will really enjoy reading it to them! I say kindergarten and up because the poems are so funny where the kindergarteners will be able to understand the poems as well as not bore the adults! If you want to enjoy reading more Shell Silverstein poems, just get an adult to go buy you the other three books called The Giving Tree, where the Sidewalk Ends, and A Like In The Attic!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
jennifer di francesco
I have loved Shel Silverstein since my dad bought me Falling Up, Where the Sidewalk Ends, and Light In the Attic when I was 10. 16 years later, and I still love them. I am now reading them to my son and he thinks they are hilarious. These books will always have a special place in my heart. If you own any book, it should be this one.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I purchase this book 23 years ago and it was a keeper for my daughter, she wanted to share it with her children. I too enjoyed laughs from many of the poems written in this book. I'm such a fan of this author that I'm back again to purchase not one but two (Where the Sidewalk Ends) books for my 9 year God-son.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
krystal barrad
I think the title just about sums it up. Very funny poems and short ditties. She loved the book and wanted to share it with all of us. She (age 8) likes to reread it over and over. Even her older brother (age 10) who does not like to read picked it up and read some of it. We all enjoyed it very much. Sorry I did not know about Shel to read him for myself when I was younger or read to my kids. Very well written. I would say it is better than Dr. Seuss. I will be buying more. In fact, I did. Suppose to arrive today. yea...
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
ryan mccarthy
Shel Silverstein's FALLING UP is a collection of 144 poems that will appeal particularly to individuals in grades 3-6 and poetry aficionados of all ages. Utilizing rhythm, rhyme, and wordplay as an accomplished painter wields a brush, Silverstein has created a collection of poems that are as varied as the colors on an artist's palette. Silverstein's offerings range from the two-line verse "Stone Airplane" to the two-page composition "The Nap Taker." His dramatic and distinctive line drawings add to the book's appeal and prove to be much more than superfluous illustrations. Many serve as integral connections between text and comprehension, often clarifying a poem's message with visual imagery. While readers may chuckle at the verse in "Hungry Kid Island," they will roar with laughter when they study the poem's illustration: a wind-blown figure laboriously rowing toward a huge child--with trees for hair and lips smacking in hungry anticipation--who lies submerged beneath the waves that convey the rower's small craft. Often lyric, often laconic, the poems in this collection offer readers a taste of Silverstein's trademark outlandish sense of humor and whimsical view of life.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
margaret ana
I am doing my review on _Falling_Up__. This book by Shel Silverstein is written very interesting because the poems inside are not just plain boring poems, they have a lot of thought put into them. His poems in this book are funny and they are tied in with the pictures. I think that Shel had a very wild and active imagination. You need that to wright a book like this. The book has a lot of poems that you would have never thought about being in a poem book. I think that that shows how Shel Silverstein was as a person, not just in his poetry. _Falling_Up_ is a good book also because the poems are goofy, and weird, yet he has a way to pull you into them in this poetry book. I recomend this book to any person who has a wild imagination like his, and whoever likes his stuff and has never read this book.

Danielle Guttman
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
erin harrington
It opens a gate in your heart and leads you to a place where you belong.
Shel speaks to little kids with pure innocence and perfect children insights whereas big kids like you and me can find our long lost dreams and enjoy the sense of humor the author delivers.
His words are like lyrics for life.
His drawings are full of imaginations.
It's a lovely combination that touches your heart and heal your souls.
All in all, it's a refreshing stream running across urban city and modern life.
I believe every time after reading it, you'll want to embrace the book and give a kiss on its cover like I do.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
this poetry is extremely funny and kid friendly. It's full of cute poems and illusttraThe main poem(falling up goes like this. I triped on my shoelace ANd I fell up, Up to the roof tops, Up over town, Up past the tree tops, Up over town, Up over mountains, Up where the colors, Blend int the sounds. But it got me so dizzy When I looked around, I got sick to my stomach And I threw down.
Isn't that cute, and there are many other poems in this book just as cute and silly. it is a great introduction to poetry for children.
Over and out.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Shel Silverstein has once again amazed me with his phenominal writing talents! "Falling Up" makes a great bedtime story for younger children, unless they laugh so hard they can't sleep! For older children like myself and adults, we realize how much we miss being younger. Shel Silverstein draws us back into the world of imagination and silliness. "Falling Up" is a great book to have and a must read! It's something that I know I will read over and over and over again. I'd recommend it to anyone
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
jackie magis
The deliberate misuse of language is delightful, but in many places the sloppy grammar and usage tends to mar an otherwise quality piece of writing. When I present a book to my children I want it to be correctly done because such books become models of language, and children accept them as proper. I don't want to mislead a child for example to believe that a given usage is correct just because it is in an otherwise delightful and well done work. In this book, pronouns turn up in the wrong case or do not agree with their antecedents and diction is totally incorrect, as in the use of "laying" for "lying." This is unfortunate and jarring to say the least. However, if you are not too picky about these things, I would still recommend the book. It is mischievous, original, utterly delightful in every other way.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
gareth murphy
My niece gave this book to my (then) one year old twin boys. Now I've started reading it to them - they love the poetry and the drawings.
Me? This book is so funny that I can hardly keep a straight face - except when I'm not stunned by the zen-like simplicity of the lessons contained within. This book will be a treasure for raising happy, healthy children. (This review's title is that of the poem I most treasure. "There is a voice inside of you...")
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
The book was awesome. It has a lot of different poems. Some poems were too short and others very long. It was very interesting and fun to read. I like Needles and Pins because it was funny and have some tools, like needles, pins, hammers and nails.I did not like Three stings because it was boring and short. I enjoy reading Falling Up and all its poems. It was an spectacular experience to me.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Falling up by Shel Sylverstien is one of the all time greatest poem books. This is a great book for someone who just wants to relax and enjoy reading something silly not serious. It is good to laugh and even better to laugh at what you are reading because at the same time you are working your brain as well as exercising your sense of humor. Mr. Sylverstien uses the most interesting words to express himself in his poems. It amazes me at how he can pull all of these funny things out of his head. There are so many great poems in this one book so that I could not possibly tell you about just one. Some of the poems are so outrageously funny and the few serious ones are still a little humorous which is what makes the poems so good. Shel wrights many poems and has published many books. It surprises me that all of these different ideas and feelings can come from one man. From a tattooed suit to a pet snowball, from a pencil made wrong to a world where things are completely opposite, even the stories that are about life lessons are still really good. Some books by Shel Sylverstien are Where The Sidewalk Ends, A Light In The Attic, and The Giving Tree. Those stories are just as good as Falling Up. The author Shel Sylverstien, the book, Falling up. It is an enjoyable read that can be found at most bookstores, libraries, and online.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Review of Falling Up

The poem book Falling Up is a very good book. In the book the poems are about a mix of things including important lessons and funny things. Shel Silverstein did a very good job with his books and all of the books he wrote. Falling Up is by far my favorite poem book by Shel Silverstein.

Three poems that really caught my attention are "Gardener", "Spoiled Brat", and "The Toy Eater". I like "Gardener" because it is just a funny poem about a kid making a mistake. "Spoiled Brat" is an example of a life lesson that is very well written. I thought "The Toy Eater" is a great poem about making a little kid believe something that isn't true. All of these poems are very good examples of great imagination.

My favorite poem is "Obedient". This is a good poem because it is a life lesson and a funny poem. The life lesson is that when you do something there is a consequence and in this person's case they got a taste of their own medicine. This poem is funny because the poem takes the order literally by staying in the place for forty years. "Obedient" is a really great poem so I recommend that everyone should read it.

I think this book is a very entertaining, page turning book of poems. It is a great book for all ages, I highly recommend this book.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
janis farrell
What can I say, except my 10 year old fifth-grader who does not like to read much at all, enjoys reading this book of poems before going to bed each night. I am so grateful he enjoys reading them. I have read some of them outloud to him and they are funny, they ryhme and they have great imagination. If you have a child of any age, I recommend this book to expose him/her to the creative art of poetry and just because they're fun!
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
shalini batra
I read Falling up by Shel Silverstine. It has over 125 poems.All of them are fun interesting and humoreous. Most poems have drawings and rhyme. The poems are perfect for kids of all ages
My persoal favorite poem is called "the Monkey". I like it for two resons. The first is it tels a story. Seacond is it has great Illustrations. The last is it replaces words with numbers as in "He'd neverr climbed be 4". that poem is on page 40.
this is a great book filled with poems and storys for children. I rcomend this book to all people interested in poems and funny thimgs.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
This is a fantastic book written by an amazing author, but it arrived in a huge box with no wrapping around it. There was also a metal floating bookshelf in the box. Neither arrived in perfect condition after bumping around in the box during shipping with NO protection.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
chris moore
This is a another children's classic...appropriate from the age 6-7 years old and up. I read many of the stories to my two boys. My 7 year old now reads some of the poems himself. It was a Christmas gift and, even though it was not a toy, he still enjoyed it.
The writing is brief and witty...the illustrations are basic but appropriate for the quirky writing style.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
l layale
This is a great book like all Silverstains books:
Where the Sidewalk Ends 30th Anniversary Edition: Poems and Drawings
The Giving Tree
A Giraffe and a Half

Another author tha I love is Nowiki:
Why Some Cats are Rascals, Book 2
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
jon tavernier
This book is filled with funny poems from the witty Shel Silverstein. It sort of helps, y'know, whenever you're down, just to take the book and read the funny little poetry in it. I can't say I liked all of the poems in a book, but when it's a book like this it's impossible to like them all, anyways. Everyone will have their favorties.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Falling Up" by Shel Silverstein,

Is full of witty and whimsical rhymes,

Page after page, line after line,

From rainbow beauty to slippery slime,

Shel's poetry settles into your mind,

Making you laugh, time after time,

No matter your age, they read fine,

A book so great I plan to share mine.

Beverly J Scott author of Jena's Choice
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
It's short and snappy and fun for all ages. It's a collection of comical pictures and poems. The book made me feel like I was a little kid stuck in a story book. It was fun, fun, fun. Those who liked Light in the Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends will surely enjoy Falling Up! I'm fourteen years old and I still loved it!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
sophie chikhradze
Falliing is such a great book just like Shel's other books. I have so much fun reading it to my children. This is a wonderful collection of poetry for children. This is the perfect example of what children's books should be... fun.
Another must have book for any fan of Shel Silverstein is Boety by Beau Beaudoin. His books are often compared to Shel, Dr. Seuss and Tim Burton. What my kids love about his illustrations are they are in color.Boetry
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
christopher lehmann
Shel Silvertein's book Falling Up was the second of his books I ever recieved. (The first was The Giving Tree.) I loved it so much that I read it cover to cover in less than a day! His book has inspired me to write silly poems of my own. I look at his works for reference when I write school asignments because they give me great ideas. I now have all of his poem books and would reconmend each and every one (Where the Sidewalk Ends, and A Light in the Attic). His works should be spread across the nation to young and old alike. Read his poems and thank me later!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
anne lao
What can one say about another book from the master of childrens poetry. Mr Silverstein improves with each syllable he pens. From A Light In The Attic to my all time favorite book, The Giving Tree, this author has kept you laughing or crying and on occasion both at the same time. Each poem is a masterpiece, an heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation. This book, as well as his others, make the perfect gift for children ages 1 to 101. It is rare these days that parents and kids can relate to the same topics or speak the same language. Falling Up is that key to bringing the generations closer. This was unfortunately his last book before he passed in 1999. Get this book as a tribute to him and a gift to yourself.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
zack wagoner
I happen to have all of Shel Silverteins books. They are my favorite. I don't think my english teacher likes them as much as I do because she is sick of seeing me read all of Shel's books of poetry!! You must go read Falling Up or you shall not live!! Bye Bye!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Falling up is just one of the many books that this great author has written. But, definitely Falling Up was my favorite. I encourage all the parents to introduce Shel Silverstein's books to their kids at young ages, because they will learn to love him too!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
captain lix
This book is a very good family book and a funny book! It has funny poems and funny drawings to go with the poems! It also has poems about food! The poems are about different things! I recommend this book to everyone! I hope you enjoy it!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
allison james garcia
My sons are 6 & 7 and have enjoyed the Shel Silverstein poetry books over and over again! They laugh and giggle and recite them from memory. The books have given my children a wonderful beginning appreciation of poetry.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
It was a real good book. I liked the poems that he put in it and they are really funny. My favorite poems are Screaming Millie, Best Mask?, Dancing in the Rain and Obiedient. He is one of my favorite authors!!!!!!!!!!!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
jessica fordice
The short stanzas are very effective, along with the quirky and memorable characters. As a child this book brought me laughter and it continues to do the same with the passing years. The art and design is simplistic and genius, really making the piece stand out just as his other works have... unifying yet unique. I loved it and its impact on my childhood and now I love it with the fond memories and flawless use of tactical literary devices.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
olfat daoud
As with ALL Shel Silverstein's books, this is amazingly whimsical and creative. With each new grandchild, I give them a collection of his works. If you have never read Silverstein, you owe it to yourself AND the "little ones" in your family. My adult children grew up with these books (which are "dog eared" from use) and love sharing his "imagination" with their children.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
mohammad omar
Falling Up is a great book by the famous author Shel Silverstein. The book is great! All the poems, jokes and beautiful matching pictures make it a wonderful choice for readers of all ages. I specially liked the short poems, my four favorite ones are "Lying Larry", "Snowball","Stupid Pencil Maker" and last but not least, "Stone Airplane". All these poems are really good,pretty silly and lots of fun!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
karen stillwagon
I fell in love with this book and a light in the attic and where the sidewalk ends back in 4th grade. Or teacher read a poem or two to us each day i bought my favourtie one falling up featuring my favourite Pinocchio Pinoccho.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
jonathan martinson
I grow up on Where the Sidewalk Ends, and wanted my daugther to experience the same enjoy out of reading the poems.. She enjoys reading this book over and over again. I decided to get her one of his other books called Falling Up, and I was somewhat disappointed that it wasn't as good as Where the Sidewalk Ends. I don't regret getting the book, but wished it was a little bit more funnier.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
colin coleman
I'm not generlly crazy about poems, the way they all rhyme and stuff. However, Shels poems are just the best, he has a secert touch to the way he writes. At first, things seem as normal as in your every day life. Then he is able to turn the situation around to make it hilarious. This book is great for all ages my whole family loved it and I have all 3 of his books of poems. READ THIS BOOK IT WAS SO GREAT!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
lisa konietzko
since I was a little girl,I always wanted my mother to read me this book. It was full of deleight and surprises, I enjoyed it alot.when she finished 1 poem, I would always ask her to read another after another.Truly, this is a book that everyone should read and have.I have the entire collection of Shel Silverstein books.He has a very special talent in writing, I have always admired him.His books are one of a kind.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Too much Shel is NOT a good thing! I felt my IQ level drop as I read this book, I wasn’t amused by his style and I’m sorry I didn’t read up on him more before I purchased several of his books. BE SURE you do your research because how he expresses himself is simply a matter of opinion, you just might not like it!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
janet storar
I have a baby and even though she is only 4 months I read to her. She does not understand what I'm reading to her but the way the poems are constructed and I read to her so animatedly that she does not have to. Her smile is good enough is well worth that book and I know it will continue to be as she grows.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
marc cappelletti
The Boys (9 & 12 years) and I have thoroughly enjoyed this book, and will be acquiring more Shel Silverstein books. We have read this book at least half a dozen times, and will read it several more times.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
safiera gassani
Looked through this book at a friend's house. If you don't want your childrens' young innocent minds to be poisoned by witchcraft, hypnosis, nudity and violence then avoid this book.

One poem teaches children to look into a witch's crystal ball.

Another poem shows a woman giving a nude man a tattoo on his buttocks.

Another one shows a violent picture of a man with an arrow shot right into his face. It also teaches your kids that william tell missed the apple.

I wouldn't recommend this trash for adults to read. Let alone children.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
pedro pereira
Yes it catches their attention! Like a streaker! The comments that came from my daughter as she was reading this were... Mom wouldn't an arrow though the head kill you? Then ... Ewww gross, as she turns the page to show me a naked man tattooed all over with his hands over is privates. A few more inappropriate pictures, really not what I thought it was.
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