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kerry jewell
This is an excellent introduction to publishing on the Web. It provides the steps required very clearly at a high level. Lots of books get lost in the detail but this brings all the pieces together in order providing a good introduction for the novice.
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anthony suso
Im new at blogging and this book is super helpful at learning more about what you may already know if you're a beginner. However, there were some parts that were confusing to me which I will re read to gain a better understanding and maybe get some insight on what I'm doing wrong with my blog. I understand you can make some extra $$ with blogging experience but I'm not really sure that I'm really there yet. Hopefully after studying this e-book a little more carefully I'll be on the right track. It's the first book that I've looked at about blogging so when I say I'm new I mean I'm super wet behind the ears new. Either way, it's still a good read.

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having never made a website and with no idea at all about the entire "making a website" process the first thing i thought I'd do is pick up a book and learn. This is the first book I picked up, unfortunately I think it is aimed for people with a bit more savvy than me. I didn't quite follow some of the content... especially the whole thing about researching the keywords which alas seems to be very important.. I'm still not clear on what or why this is... but the rest of it was interesting and I'm sure the whole keyword thing will become clear when I actually start making a website.
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Very well explained and helpful, especially the picking of niche part. It is possible for one to set up a blog with authority with all the points given here. Ohh I just realize this is a free article. Thanks a lot.
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