A Fragment of Life (The Dresden Files Box-Set) - The Dresden Files Collection 7-12

ByJim Butcher

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★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
First I have to say that the Dresden Files are among the best written fantasy series I have ever read. I give the books an unqualified recommendation to anyone who is remotely interested in fantasy, noir detective fiction, first person action, or just good stories.

I am writing this mostly to point out the absurdity of the pricing on this collection. A prior reviewer has already pointed out that it's cheaper to go the traditional book route with the Dresden Files - either mass market paperbacks or bargain rack hardbacks can be purchased for less than the price of the e-editions. But that's not what I am concerned about. As I write this (knowing full well the prices will change next week) Dresden Files singles (individual Kindle e-books) are running $9.99. Why the hell would you pay an extra five cents (admittedly not enough to get upset about except for the sheer absurdity) for a single file with six of them?

Perhaps there is some extra content that I missed in the description. Perhaps (almost certainly) I am making a mountain out of a molehill. But seriously - do the math the store.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
curtis edmonds
I really like ebooks, they are much more portable and don't take up space in my home. But not enough to pay double price. This ebook collection was just over 9 dollars a book. I can get volumes 1-9 from Science Fiction Book Club for about 5 dollars a book. They are 2 or 3 novels per hardback and I just waited until the hardbooks were on sale for 10.99. A little over 5 dollars per novel for the 2 book volumes and under 4 dollars a novel for the 3 book volume. Sorry, but 55 dollars for 6 just cannot compete with 45 dollars for 9.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
no mie
Okay, it's fluff. But, it's really good fluff. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a literary masterpiece or an insightful biography or history of an event or an era. Those works make me think, reflect and add to my knowledge of the world we live in. Other times, I just want to be entertained. For that purpose, the Dresden File fits the bill. I enjoy sci fi and fantasy. They are my go to fun reads. These are tongue-in-cheek detective novels where the PI just happens to be a wizard and his clients and opponents are fae, witches, warlocks, werewolves and vampires as well as the occasional gangster. They are all very enjoyable, light reads. They can be read in any order, but books often refer back to past events, so the best approach is to start at the beginning with Storm Front.
Moon Tortured (Sky Brooks Series Book 1) :: Changes (Dresden Files) :: Dead Beat (The Dresden Files, Book 7) :: Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, Book 11) :: Shadowed Souls
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
laurie devine
Dresden books 7-12, no waiting in a library que or having to wait patiently for the next book to arrive. I love the characters, the plots, which you don't come a cross too often, ( werewolves, different species of vampires, fey, wizards, and cops) with a complete universe in the background. The best part, it's written with a wry humor that balances the horror/ drama. Who knew that fey spirits could act like adolescent pervs? It makes me wanting to get a Bob of my own, if just to not have to worry about buffering.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I love this entire series up to Ghost Story. I accidentally started reading the series in Book 8,not realizing until I was already hooked that it was a continuing character series. I will freely admit that had I realized that at the start I never would have picked it up since I generally do not like continuing character books. This series, however, is soooo good and the writing so well done that I went back and started at book one and read nothing else until I was through Ghost Story. I've moved on now as that felt like a good place to end the series and I DO have other things to read, but I most definitely will read the Dresden Files again in the future. They are that good. Highly recommend the series or even any individual book.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
carrie gascoigne
I have really enjoyed this serious. The character development and constant build up with what's going to happen next are fantastic. You truly stay interested in the characters and what they will be faced with next. A great combination of action, adventure, fantasy, philosophy, and a myriad of other things. Great job Jim Butcher!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
m bassam sonbol
I'm not the person who writes a long review with piercing insights into why this book is so readable. So I will just say that I enjoyed it tremendously and would recommend it to all lovers of urban fantasy. You really must read these books in their order of publication so a collection is the way to go. Now I'm off to find Harry Dresden, Book 13. Ok, I said no Insights, but here's one. Jim Butcher books contain words of wisdom about life from time to time, delivered humorously, that I find delightful and so true. Everyone should read his books!
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
I love the books. The down side of a collection like this (at least as far as I can tell reading the description for this one, and on my experience with similar Kindle collections) is that they don't include Whispersync like the individual Kindle ebooks do. I'm a huge fan of the audio versions of this series, and would really like to have that integration for the Audible versions.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
manoj sharma
The individual books for 7-12 are $8 each, coming to a total of 48 dollars, but if I buy them bundled together, they are $54? Not a good buy.

Buy the books individually though, they are excellent.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
lisa kaczmar
This is my second time reading all of these books. I LOVE HARRY DRESDEN and Jim Butcher!! I am on to the next few in the series (I have already read those as well) The new book in the series isn't due out for a while, so in the meantime I am reading these.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I discovered Harry about three years ago on HULU and became an instant fan. Major loss to the network deciding not to continue the series. I have since devoured all of Jim Butcher's Dresdin Files books. I am an avide reader and now find myself wanting for more like them, but can find nothing to compare. Cudos to Jim Butcher for a major contribution to well thought out fantasy that does not insult the readers intelligence nor requires them to forego their since of reality.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
sandra beck
How did I come so late to this incredible series! Each book builds upon the other and it's a real treat to be able to read them one after another. Harry Dresden is funny, smart, sarcastic, caring, ... I think I may be in love! He has become my favorite wizard named Harry!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Writing this to voice my displeasure with the store for not letting me exit out of the. Oil that I did NOT buy from them but checked out via a digital library. I HATE that they wasted my time but this is a great book series!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Just read some of the excerpts from Jim's site and you'll be hooked - great writer, and always delivers! Also check out his other series Codex Alera - so sweet, just wish another book in the series would come out....
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
aya mahmoud
If you like fantasy, amazing and unique characters, excellent battles between good and evil, all kinds of supernatural adventures, and a serious middle of the night "can't put it down" book - the Dresden Files are for you!
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